2012 Citröen DS0 is a good looking micro car for the future

Created for the Auto Design Challenge 2012, the Citröen DS0 Concept by designer Francisco Santos is a micro car that can solve the problem of commuting and urban mobility with its small size and lightness. Micro cars first came into being after World War II and smaller vehicles gained prominence and popularity through the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s though they went out of vogue soon after. The micro car is making a grand comeback once again and the Citroën DS0 concept could be the just the ideal vehicle in the DS range that comes with an electric motor to make it more future-ready.

Citröen DS0

Pegged with a good price tag, the DS0 boasts of an exclusive dynamic look with the car being ideal for commuting and traveling in the city. The practical micro car is laced generously with DS-specific details and comes with a more personal 2 seat configuration and a panoramic rooftop. Standing at 1.6 meters wide and 2.5 meters long, the vehicle is a real space saver in the city streets as well as in cramped parking lots. The vehicle comes with sufficient space on all sides to absorb impact in case of a crash as well.

With the vehicle being driven by in-wheel motors, the micro car is able to save a lot of space inside to give it a bigger cabin as well as a bigger battery pack. The four wheel drive model is also great for traversing through all kinds of road and weather conditions.

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