Power Assist Technology-fitted Electric Walking Aid is a robotic genius

For people with lower limb disabilities or those getting back on their feet after injuries, rehab and the physiotherapy routines that come with it can be a long-drawn and often costly process. Though most experts would never recommend electric walking aids to be used without supervision, this brand new innovation from Japanese developers Murata Manufacturing can prove to be a revolution in the way the

October 31st, 2011 0 comments Industrial Design

Dyson bladeless fan-inspired Unibike promises to run on air, literally!

Dyson, the makers of quality vacuum cleaners that have spanned (and lasted) over a few generations now, have revolutionized the household electronics segment and a few years ago when their engineers perfected the bladeless fan AKA Air Multiplier technology, it created a mini storm, pun intended, in the every industry that used blade fans in its products. However, we, even with all the years of

October 31st, 2011 4 Comments Autos

NERYLE Mobile Zoning Element makes red velvet rope friendlier

Unless you are a globally recognized billionaire like Bill Gates, chances are you have been spited by the red velvet rope at one point or the other in your life. The flimsy scarlet bit of textile that has been the symbol of the difference between the haves and the have nots (pardon the antiquated analogy) since the dawn of modernism, therefore has a very negative

October 31st, 2011 0 comments Product Design

Space-saving urban vehicle concept by Rudolf Mihu

Romanian industrial designer Rudolf Mihu has created a brand new urban mobility solution that looks to serve as a smart for-hire vehicle for the cities. The urban vehicle concept is petite in size and is super compact which allows it to be stacked more efficiently at the hiring stations as well as occupying less space in parking lots and streets when in use. The concept

October 31st, 2011 0 comments Autos

Seven social media devices to enjoy mobile networking

The technology is growing fast and we all are living in a new age. Man developed many things that can be useful in our daily life. There are many devices that are being used for entertainment. Social networking has become a part of our daily life and it is simplified to be able to use by mobiles. Here are 7 social media devices to enjoy

October 31st, 2011 0 comments Gadgets

10 innovative ashtrays to dispose of your smoking remnants

All of us love the accessories we own as, they are, not only cool but also, add to the beauty of the person who makes use of it. These cool accessories add colors to our lives and are so adorable and gorgeous that it is pretty hard to ignore them. In this era, a number of people indulge in smoking and what could be a

October 31st, 2011 0 comments Product Design

Seven unique music stands to ensure a standout performance

Music stands come in a wide range of materials as well as shapes. Each has its own distinctive style and functionality. Though all of them come with adjustable heights and desks that tilt keeping the comfort of the musician in mind, the designs and colors are highly individualistic and give the musician a wide choice.1) The Winged Music StandThe Winged Music Stand is a wooden

October 29th, 2011 1 comment Furniture

Five digital dining tables for modern geeks

Dining table is an important part of the daily experience. After a weary day, dinner at your favorite dining table makes things comfortable. Most of the time dining table comes in exquisite design. However, exquisiteness does not define the modern human. Modern human being is all about technology. What if the technology can be merged with your dining experience? Digital dining table is one such

October 29th, 2011 0 comments Furniture

How to make your own steampunk iPhone dock

Apple with its recently launched model iPhone 4S has been buzzing around all over the world with its features and capabilities. With the high volume of sales of the new phone, its accessories manufacturers are trying all their efforts to make their product stand out of the competition as the accessories such as an iPhone dock is a necessary accessory. But, you do not require

October 29th, 2011 0 comments Gadgets

Five creative scooter designs to move the physically challenged

Taking a step forward and moving around may not seem to be even the slightest of effort and can easily go unnoticed but even standing up on their feet can be a great challenge for the one who is physically challenged. Just imagine what activities you perform that requires walking and moving around? Almost every! Giving the power of motion to the physically challenged can

October 29th, 2011 0 comments Autos

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