Transparent gadgets embarking a new trend for the stylish

Transparent gadgets

The Trend

Our priorities of acquiring gadgets include presentation in the top most category as the modern customer requires enhanced features along with an attractive and futuristic design that is in sync with the technological advancement of these times. One thing that has caught a lot of people are transparent gadgets which are rated as ultra-stylish and trendy, whether it is politics or your cell phone – transparency is a must!

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Top 10 Decorative mirror under $500

Lots of people on this planet start their day after facing the mirror and can’t sleep before facing the mirror at night too. In each and every room, mirrors can be used. As we all know that we cannot see ourselves thus mirrors gives us the opportunity to check ourselves and to look better. The mirrors also act as a decorative piece at home and people fondly hang it on their walls. The stylish mirrors offer ambiance to the house and brighten up the wall with its sizzling looks. The decorative mirrors come in different sizes and shapes and according to the user’s choice and affordability it is bought and decorated. Here we have the collection of 10 stylish mirrors under $500 that will surely brighten up your home.

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Top 10 Designer Shoes Under $500

Designer Shoes

Uncomfortable feet mean uncomfortable mind and body. With these words in mind, various designers all around the world have designed an innovative and stylish line of shoes. Different styles suit different occasions and various stylish shoes are designed for these different occasions. Be it an official meeting or an evening party or a night out or a trek, stylish designer shoes are available that always make you look trendy and smart. There is no gender bias in fashion industry therefore a wide variety of options are available for both men and women. Here, we will be discussing some stylish fashionable line of shoes designed by renowned designers for both men and women.

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Top 7 designer taps under $500

Top 7 designer taps under $500

The world of interior design has never been known to be a budget-friendly affair. Since time immemorial, the rich and the famous have set the bar high with their no-expense-spared tastes that made the salaried classes feel just how ordinary our consumerist lives were. Though most of us cannot afford to spend a major portion of our lives’ savings on getting diamond-studded furniture, we settle for statement pieces that highlight our personality instead of our bank balance. For most home owners, the quest for finding the perfect bath fixtures almost never ends, but if you are looking to spruce up your bath space, it might be a good idea to put yourself on a budget before going on a shopping spree since the world of faucets alone is filled with glamorous items that sometimes cost as much as a pre-owned car! For budget renovators, we present our pick of top seven designer taps that cost less than $500 but add a million dollar sparkle to your vanity!

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Panzer Soundtank: A monstrous sound system shaped like a military tank

Panzer Soundtank

A good sound system can have an everlasting impression. But, good always does not mean the quality of sound it produces. Some people like good quality sound traits to be clubbed with an eye-catching outer skin as well. Nik Nowak is one amongst them and I can bet his creation will freak out many and make eyes do a somersault in surprise. Nowak has designed the Panzer Soundtank which in true terms is huge and monstrous.

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Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion to unfurl breathtaking views

Norwegian wild reindeer center pavilion

Home to wild reindeer herds, the Dovrefjell Sunndalsfjella, has got an impressively made pavilion that has also been shortlisted for an award by the World Architecture Festival. Christened the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion, it is located in Dorve, Norway. The architectural marvel has been constructed by Snohetta that comprises of architects, Rune Grasdal, Kjetil T. Thorsen, Margit Tidemand Ruud, Eerik Brett Jacobsen, Martin Brunner and interior architect Heidi Pettersvold.

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The ‘Beijing House II’ looks like its belongs in Willy Wonka’s world

Beijing House II

If you are a fan of the ‘Lost in space’ horror flicks and find the desolate-looking steely enclosures featured in those movies particularly homey and comforting, then you will absolutely love this proposed housing project developed by Yaohua Wang Architecture. Named ‘Beijing House II’, the project looks to provide single-family residences that come with their own creative studios and green rooms and look to provide occupants with a cozy albeit bijou living space.

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