Pee Pee Tree urinal to absorb poisonous gases

The shape of urinals has not changed much ever since its inception. Even today, they are structures that stand against the wall and somehow look the same. Shunning the age-old image of a urinal is Xiao Chowen who has come up with a Pee Pee Tree Urinal. The distinctive unit won’t be wedged inside the wall. It has been fitted with small pots which will

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Solar Bottle Lamps to illuminate underprivileged homes

Lights not only brighten up the darkest corners, but also spread happiness. There are many parts of the world that are still devoid of a light source when dusk sets in. One such place is Philippines, where millions of residents have never seen a light source and so, they have to live in dark dwellings. A few students from MIT are up with a bright

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Bone Conduction headphone prevents eardrum damage

Have we ever contemplate on the fact that how harmful listening to loud music could be? The musical wave has given birth to products, like earphones and headphones, which could lead to deafness. Ear drums can get damaged and people may lose their hearing capability forever. Judicael Cornu has designed the Bone Conduction headphone, keeping all these factors in mind. The industrial designer has made

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VestelARC, a must have device during professional presentations

The trend of presentations at a workplace becomes a bit annoying at times. What if the projector stops working or the sound systems are not great? This can simply tarnish a good presentation. In the world of mobiles phones where people are always on the move, Deniz Albayrak has come up with an ingenious device named VestelARC that can be fed with a variety of

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Juke music system to help form a tangible interaction

New-age music devices have killed the charm that vintage products came coated with. Here to help weave an everlasting emotional bond with music pieces is Juke Music System. The product has tried and explored the touchable interactions that we don't see in this remote world any longer. The awesome creation has been brought to life by a designer named Sam Beeson. Juke music system, with

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iPad 2 Display Dock: Keep your Apple products with utmost style

Apple products have taken the world by storm, and there seems to be no stopping. The sleek gadgets make people fall for them in no time and are definitely infectious. Once you have bought an Apple product, there is no looking back then. Be it a Macbook, iPod, iPhone and now the iPad, the trend is unstoppable. Owning a handful of gadgets can always lead

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Make laptops pump powerful bass with the Speaker Bar

Earlier we have computers, and then came the laptops that unfurled a whole new world in terms of mobile technology. They came wrapped with a freedom to be carried anywhere, without much effort. But, even these fully-equipped gadgets have loopholes. One such flaw is their inability to please music-lovers, as laptops fail to produce a high-quality sound. David Nomura has designed the Speaker Bar that

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Nanodrizas: A floating robot to tackle high levels of water pollution

Humans have always been interested in UFOs and many claim to have seen one. The mere mention of a flying object sends in thrill-chills and people jump with excitement to extract all the information they can. But, if you ever see a flying saucer floating on a water bed, please don’t call the media and make a hullabaloo out of it! Yes, it’s possibly Nanodrizas

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Conjuring racing fantasy to reality with Lamborghini LMP-F

By encapsulating all the elemental characteristics of preeminent racing cars, Lamborghini has come up a unique racing car concept coined as the Lamborghini LMP-F Race Car. Combining the distinctiveness of both the F1 and Le Mans racing concept, this model car brings to life a roaring and zipping perception that is actually a sustained fantasy concept of designer Leerentveld. Drawn on lines for being swift

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Macho, yet romantic C-119 Aileron Coffee Table is a bachelor pad must-have

A few decades ago, the coolest kids on the block got their parents to buy them beds that looked like racecars. Guess what those kids furnished their homes with when they grew up? Possibly stuff like this awesome coffee table that is made from the aileron of a Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar. The WWII-era cargo-hauler remains one of the most iconic military aircrafts from the

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