Michelin Saddle 2011 concept mimics the horse back contours

Attila Tari is really a talented artist. Before he delved into industrial and product design, he was studying to be a biologist. This astonishingly raw three-wheeler concept really showcases his interest in evolution. Christened The Saddle, the Michelin inspired trike concept draws much from the anatomy and psyche of horses in their natural habitat. Untamed, unabashed and bestowed with all of nature’s bountiful glory- these

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Home Apple – A scintillating gadget for every home

Home Apple, the innovative home invention is for everyone. With a range of features incorporated in it, it has proved its worth as an inseparable invention. The basic function of this gadget is to provide a series of multimedia solutions. This enhances the usability of a particular gadget when connected with that. So, connect this gadget to the TV and Internet and see how your

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Huiber’s Noah-style ark is ready for action

A Dutch construction company owner Johan Huibers is a happy man today. Twenty years ago, he had been plagued by a troublesome nightmare in which he saw his beloved homeland being wrecked by a massive flood of Biblical proportions. From that day, he wanted to build a Noah-style ark. And now two decades later, he has finally completed the ambitious project. The first ark that

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The Spinnin Bridge: An energy-generating smart bridge for the future

In a world increasingly at a loss for space in the cities, upgrading infrastructure for public amenities is a real headache. The challenge lies not only in the fact that any new construction in public spaces has to not only take up less space on the ground, but also has to fit it aesthetically in the natural urban landscape without becoming an eyesore. This particular

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Iugo Bracelet is a sad reminder of the pre-Facebook era

The design team behind this communicator concept describes it as being a “gadget based on the idea of fusing the human senses together into a portable and wearable form” which seems innocent and innovative enough until you take a closer look and realize that the gadget basically works like a touchscreen cell phone/media player slapped on to a chunky wooden bracelet! Unfortunately for the designers

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Gavin Turk and Ben Wilson’s 4H: A unicycle for a family of four!

You know what I absolutely love about bicycling? That feeling of being on my own without any passenger chewing my ear off with useless blabber or back-seat drivers making me feel like an incompetent fool who can't take instructions from a talking GPS. But, I guess industrial designer Ben Wilson and artist Gavin Turk really miss the “car” experience when they ride their bikes. At

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Jim Arnold’s Face Jug Set adds fun to the game of chess

The custom-made Face Jug Set by Jim Arnold from Moonshiners is very intricately crafted and can become a favorite of any avid chess player. The solid chessboard is made out of durable maple and walnut wood and has the dimension 30 inches x 30 inches x 2 inches - which provides a good playing space. The pieces of the chess set, made out of maple

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Peugeot Plug: A car/communicator for the 22nd century metropolis

We at DesignBuzz come across a lot of really innovative, unconventional and basically “out there” concepts everyday and it's kind of our job to take the good, the bad and the ugly in our stride. But to be honest, even we’re having a really hard time trying to make sense of this particular concept. The Peugeot Plug, from South Korean designer Minchul Kim, is a

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Footprint Garden Office connects you with nature

Modern times have seen misuse of resources taking place. Nick Fisher has come up with an office concept, which will let people be aware of the impact of urbanization on our beautiful surroundings. Christened the Footprint Garden Office, it will prove to be a spacious, neat office design. The garden office has been designed keeping the ‘work from home’ option in mind. It will provide

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