The Haunted Mountain has impressive features and is high on functionality

Technology is getting an overhaul, with each passing day, and so are the accessories that accompany it. To make things easier, Lou Xiaoyu has designed the Haunted Mountain that will functionally bow down to all your needs.

Its façade comes wedged with a flexibility to perform various functions that are not possible with the present technology. The surface/lid of this futuristic device has a few

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Sony Ericsson Leia MP3 player is sprinkled with girly traits

Women have a special affection for things which are dainty and sleek. Unlike men, they even want their gadgets to have a reflection of their sophisticated personality. Wilson Nino has worked on this trait and designed an MP3, named the "Sony Ericsson Leia," which looks quite supple and can be twisted and turned as per one’s whims and fancies.

Roll it around your wrist or

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Personal Electric Vehicle collapses into a trolley for easy transportation

With ever-increasing traffic on roads, the personal means of transport is becoming popular day by day. But how about an EV, which can be snapped and carried anywhere? Keeping the pollution factor and traffic chocked roads in mind, designer Alan Fratoni has designed a compact means of transportation, dubbed the “Personal Electric Vehicle,” which allows clean and brisk commutation on packed out intercity roads.


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Honda Chopper: Futuristic motorcycle concept to gratify bikers’ sensibilities

We see modders and bikers adorning their motorbikes with whacky features, just to grab attention, on a somewhat regular basis nowadays. These fluent bikes, when they snarl on the roads, make heartbeats stop. Well, if you are already getting goose bumps imagining one, then check out the Honda Chopper designed by Pete Norris that seeks to combine form with functionality.

Pete’s bike has been fitted

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Eureka Pavilion beautifully mimics leaf capillaries in its structure

Chelsea Flower Show will be graced with a special pavilion, which has been designed to illustrate its dedication towards science. Eureka, a monthly magazine in UK, chose landscape Architect Marcus Barnett to bring this unique concept to life. Named the "Eureka Pavilion," the gazebo will leave onlookers in a state of awe.

The ingenious architect further joined hands with, Buro Happold (an engineer) and London

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Savannius: A small scale wind turbine with power outlets for public use

Designed for use in public places, the Savannius by Hirotaka Matsui is a small scale vertical axis wind turbine, which comes with a seating unit and three power outlets. The Savannius wind turbine not only lets people charge their electronic devices, but also create a social and function space. The Savannius, which makes small wind power appeal to the mainstream, can be put to use

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‘Alphabet Building’ offers a unique design to teach English alphabets to kids

If you live in Amsterdam and are having a hard time making your child learn the 26 letters (actually 24) of English alphabet, then below is an interesting solution. MVRDV (Dutch architects) have erected an industrial office block which has English letters, except I and Q, crafted on its face. Christened the "Alphabet Building," the architecture has been crafted in an ingenious and attention-grabbing manner.

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Oceanic Cleaning System: Panacea for polluted oceans

The ever increasing levels of pollutants in our oceans is a matter of grave concern as they are large reservoirs of marine wildlife and huge pollution levels threaten the entire ocean ecosystem. It would have catastrophic effects in terms of changing world climate and rising ocean levels. The Oceanic Cleaning System offers an ingenious viable panacea against the ill effects of besmirched ocean waters. The

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Nemus Dianae is a palatial home on the sea

If you wish to give a royal touch to your life then "Nemus Dianae," designed by Filippo Taiani, is just about the thing for you. Built in a classy manner and a beauty to call its own, the 80m yacht is a masterpiece designed for that extra comfort. Taiani has fetched heavy inspiration from the stories on the boat of the Roman emperor Caligola, which

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