Yill, the cordless mobile power storage unit

In today’s gadget world, one probably needs to carry electronics for work, business or even for a leisure time. Electronic equipments like a mobile, a laptop or an I-pod for instance, lasts only a few hours on charge before you need to plug them in. For a person who needs to work on these electronics, wherever he is, power is probably a big issue. This

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Tame the deep sea cruising in Blue Whale luxury yacht

The recently unveiled marine designs by South Korean Naval architecture studio CanariaOcean of their super yacht project has been inspired and named after the blue whale and has left many yearning to own this astounding beauty of the seas. Designed after the Rorqual Whale, or baleen whales and supposedly family to the largest animal that has ever lived on earth, the focal spotlight of the

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Experience multiple driving modes with NLPX-YOX 2021 concept car

Shaped in the form of a penguin is a car which will prove to be a winner on traffic packed roads. Serving multiple driving purposes by swapping into various modes is NLPX-YOX 2021 concept car, designed by Peixin Li from Shandong, China.

To make your driving experience more comfortable, it comes with a dual shock absorber damping system. With special wheel designs which can lessen

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Vista Wallet for a flexible shopping experience

Modern technology has made the world shrink to an extent where everything seems just a wink away. But somehow when it comes to banking and shopping, these areas seem to be moving at a snail’s pace. Everything related to banking is not as quick as it should be in this fast paced world. To kill this flaw Vista Wallet has been specially designed to keep

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Sunseeker Zen 0609: out to woo all speed lovers

If your adventure senses crave for something different, yet totally out of this world, then you need to glance at Sunseeker Zen 0609 once. As per your choice, this 15 m long vessel helmet has all those groovy requirements to pacify the craving inside you.

Inspired by the Japanese Yin and Yang, the color schemes have been skilfully plotted, using the black and white color

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ULIX, for a perfect sightseeing experience

Out at a fair with your extended family and want to go around in a public transport? Oops! But this carriage can accommodate only four people, which means the rest of the family either needs to be left out or they will have to wait. What is the fun if one can’t roam around with family? Working on this flaw, ULIX, a cleverly designed sightseeing

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Vertical City: Shenzhen Metro Tower

Around the globe, a set of avant-garde buildings is forming the new city skyline that focuses on volume and multiplicity of purpose and in the same time offer sustainability.

WORKac , with their Shenzhen Metro Tower project, has initiated an appreciable effort in this direction bringing in diversity in the lines of the pragmatic style of Shenzhen Metro Corporation and infusing it well with eco-consciousness

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Bubbly terrestrial office

Recreating the extra-terrestrial feel in an office can turn out to be more earth-friendly than just a flamboyant intergalactic plan. Parisian architect Christian Pottgiesser has purposely done that while revamping the office headquarters of two French companies Pons and Huot.

The office is refurbished to offer a huge open space was originally a 19th century industrial hall. The steel frames have been painted and repaired

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Intelligent kitchen for flawless cooking

Internet has engulfed the whole world with its wits and charm, so how could our kitchens be left far behind. To load your kitchen with latest information is an intelligent stove top interface system.

Integrated with a touch and gesture driven projection system, canceling out all the negative impact a typical kitchen (loaded with moisture, spices, etc.) can have on electronic gadgets like a laptop

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‘Cool Case’ to cool and protect your notebook

How does it feel when the laptop gets overheated and it becomes unbearable to place it on your lap anymore? For sure, irritating! But if you have The Cool Case, such frustrations will never touch you. It will prevent overheating by almost 25% and at the same time act as a unique cover for your notebook. The designing is such that it helps boost a

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