Best of 2011: Yacht concepts

While there has been a lot of researches and up-gradations in the field of road vehicles, the water transports are still awaiting improvement. Although some of the luxury yachts were introduced in the market but the period of recession left a hard blow on them. So, they failed to reach the commercial market in the way as desired. But, now with the healthy growth of the market once again, the naval architects and the designers have felt that new yacht designs might inspire the commercial market all over again. Hence, here are top ten yacht designs that can be taken into consideration due to their innovative concept, bold look and extended functions.

1. Ve’loce Yacht Concept


This Pentamaran concept yacht is a creation of BMT Niger Gee Ve’loce. It is remarkable for its high speed, which exceeds 40 knots. The hull of this yacht makes it evident that this is built keeping high speed as the top most priority. The hull is further provided with durability by virtue of its twin outriggers. The internal capacity of this yacht is also remarkable. It comprises of 30 meters of internal beam. It can be powered either by diesel or gas, featuring a propulsion system that produces 44 MW of installed power. This power can be delivered whenever required by means of the water jets provided with it.

2. Blackout 38m Superyacht Project By Docq Concept

Blackout 38m Superyacht

This water vehicle is meant to provide comfort to its passengers and the pleasure to be with nature. The creation of a Holland based company, Docq Concepts, this yacht has a low, horizontal profile with a length of thirty eight meters, so that the panoramic views of ocean and sky can be enjoyed to the optimum. The front deck of the yacht is extremely spacious and so roomy that it has a Jacuzzi for the pleasure of the passengers. It has the capacity to accommodate up to eight passengers and four crew members. The large windows on two sides provide greater exposure to the natural light and the surrounding ambiance.

3. ICON 85M Britannia Yacht Concept designed by H2

ICON 85M Britannia

ICON 85M Britannia Yacht will be presented at the Monaco Yacht show by H2. This 85 meters long yacht has amazing aesthetic features. This water vehicle has enormous passenger capacity, accommodating 18 to 20 passengers at a time. It will offer a range of 6000 nautical miles with a speed of more than 19 knots. The slim design of the yacht is coupled with sharp edges and prominent design elements. It also accommodates gym, spa, central pool and clubs.

4. Lila-Lou G108 Giga Yacht Concept

Lila-Lou G108

The Lila Lou yacht can be identified as the most futuristic yacht. It looks like a bow rider and has glass panes along with an elevated foredeck. The flared bow has been designed in such a way that the water spray cannot come over to the top, which is different from the conventional yacht designs. It leads to the longitudinal pitch by means of creating deceleration forces that lower down its speed. Its bow axe design further lowers down its momentum. The 108 meters of span and seven decks are the other notable features of this yacht.

5. 2011 Audi Trimaran Yacht Concept

Audi Trimaran

This yacht has been conceived and developed as a part of the project by Stefanie Behringer, a student of a technical college in Munich. There are three hulls in this vehicle. The main central hull is supported by two smaller outrigger hulls that also store the two jets. The yacht runs by the power of a diesel engine of Audi TDI, but the jets are electrically powered. This slender yacht has a length of 15 meters and a width of 6.4 meters and has the capacity of twelve passengers on board.

6. Ekrano Yacht, a flying yacht concept for 2025

Ekrano Yacht

This concept yacht, conceived by Jaron Dickson, is sure to bring a revolution in the concepts of the conventional yachts in its jet plane like design. This concept yacht, with half boat half plane features, is the brain child of Jaron Dickson and has been named by him as Ekrano Yacht. The notable features of this yacht are its length of thirty–six meters, its flight capacity of four feet above sea level and ability to withstand waves as high as 3.5 meters. This vehicle will be eco friendly too as it will be powered by hydrogen. Moreover, it is supposed to accommodate 12 passengers at a time.

7. Feadship superyacht ‘Qi’ concept

Ekrano Yacht

The renowned yacht company, Feadship has created this super yacht, ‘Qi’ concept. It will be launched initially in the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show. This 56 meters long yacht will showcase Chinese essence in its design and style. There will be a guest suit for four passengers on board on the lower deck portion, with a private terrace and a cinema hall with 180 degree screen on the main deck. There will also be a spa and a portside gym behind the hull door with a fireplace on the sun deck along with a Jacuzzi.

8. Bugatti Sang Bleu Yacht concept

Bugatti Sang Bleu

This Bugatti Sang Bleu Yacht Concept is sure to rule the water routes. The sleek body made of aluminum and carbon fiber is the first thing that will grab your attention. It is the creation of Ben Walsh, a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Although, this 30 feet long yacht is still in the concept stage, but it is sure to be successful when it is finally launched.

9. Bairim luxury yacht by Timon Sager

Bairim luxury yacht

This luxury boat has the power to cut through jagged water at a faster rate due to its special design. The floor to ceiling window gives a complete exposure to the scenic view while the high speed, increased comfort, astounding wooden interior are the other features of this water vehicle. The wooden deck opens inwards while the staircase at the center directs to the water.

10. Tropical Island Paradise yacht concept

paradise yacht concept

This yacht is a project of the Yacht Island Designs, a UK based company. This concept yacht will have a steel body and plenty of space to support greenery and portable huts that get bathed in natural sunlight as it sails in the ocean. This four passenger accommodating vehicle also has guest suits, a cinema hall, library, gym, etc.

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