Best of 2011: Tablet concepts

There is a revolution going on in the world when it comes to the development of smartphones and tablets. With their touchscreen feature, the tablets have become increasingly popular and they threaten the very existence of the PC! Though that has not yet come to pass, the rate of development of these tablets is something phenomenal. And the tablet concepts are evolving every day. 2011 saw the release of some fantastic concepts and one could only hope that Santa brings home these tablets this Christmas! Here are seven best tablet concepts of 2011.

Iris Transparent-Tablet Concept

This concept is simply revolutionary. You only have to ‘see’ the potential to realize its worth. Liu-Wei, Hong Ruei Hong, Yao Kai-Chi & Cheng Ya-Fang have come up with the innovative concept – a tablet with an OLED display and a transparent touch pad that charges wirelessly. Instant scanning with translation, tracing drawings, copying images and files are some of its features. The most wonderful feature however is the navigation function on the Iris. With its ability to truly ‘look’ at the street, navigation improves several notches. And realty amplification helps one to intuitively see architectural designs in real space. This tablet really shows the power of transparency!

Wacom Sketcher graphical-tablet concept

Here is a tablet concept that is specially meant for designers and illustrators who seek the best drawing experience. The problem with normal touchscreen tablets is that they often lack accuracy and pressure-sensitivity that an artist often seeks. And that is provided by the Wacom Sketcher. Max Battaglia intended his design for a purely graphical tablet and he has succeeded in it by providing high-tech illustration tools in a neat, carry-around tablet PC. This tablet could be in fact considered as the pinnacle of the touchscreen experience.

Futuristic handheld Tablet PC Concept

This tablet concept has often been referred to as a MacGuffin. Though it might not exactly turn out to be that, it can definitely be considered as something that augments reality. With its ability to project all that is on the screen, the tablet simply eliminates the need of hardware like the keyboard, mouse, monitor and touchpads. This single, touch friendly, projected interface will definitely make computing more fun!

Samsung tablet concept

Combining the features of both a transparent OLED and a flexible screen, Samsung has released a video of its concept tablet that seems to be overwhelmingly intelligent and smart! The device apparently will have the ability to bend at will, be transparent and change its size according to the app that is being used. It also comes with the ability to translate, explore and locate via GPS. It is as thin as a wafer and connects the user seamlessly to other people and places. Well, the concept is nowhere fruition now but it would be a dream to see it happen in reality.

LG’s Triptych – a tablet cum phone

In a world where all-rounders are appreciated and wanted, this tablet from LG will surely be a hot seller! Edward Hale designed this phone that could opened up and converted into a tablet. It is a surprise that when the uses of a tablet and smartphone are almost common, nobody came up with this idea before. The phone and tablet combo is very sleek and elegant. There are two auxiliary displays to augment the main screen and they can be folded out when necessary. The ‘tablet’ sure catches the eye and relaxes it too by providing a greater sized surface for typing and for displays.

Tablet Lifebook with 3D sensor and laser technology

One of the prized entrants for the Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 Competition is a tablet concept created by Alan Donnelly who is a successful product designer from Dublin, Ireland. The Tablet Lifebook has a rectangular display. But in the screen, the display is shown as a 3D rectangular box. The tablet has 3D sensors that can move photos by a simply wave of the hand. You can also hover between files with hand movements. Thus, the tablet attempts to help the user interact in a 3D environment. Charging wirelessly, it comes in a foldable leather case. It can also transfer data wirelessly.

Knot: A functional home tablet

There is a rapid increase of electronic devices at home and here comes Knot to untangle the confusion! This is a one-stop shop for browsing the internet, watching television, enjoying music, clicking pictures and also using telephony facilities. And it does all these wirelessly! A 7 inch screen for display, HDMI and USB functions and two cameras add value to the tablet. It also has three wireless channels dedicated for routing, audio and telephony functions. Smooth navigation, a haptic feedback scroller and ergonomic handles make this sleek tablet a super gadget to get.

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