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Concept cars or prototype cars with highly creative design is back in style. At times concept cars are manufactured for showcasing an automaker’s technology and at others they provide ideas for future design direction as well as for measuring public rea

Best of 2011: Concept cars

2011 Concept Car

Concept cars or prototype cars with highly creative design is back in style. At times concept cars are manufactured for showcasing an automaker’s technology and at others they provide ideas for future design direction as well as for measuring public reaction. 2011 concept cars needless to say have been tantalizing. Some of the best concept cars of the year 2011 includes Daihatsu D-X concept car, Toyota FCV-R Fuel-Cell Concept, Citroen UFO Concept Car, Pagani Electrodynamics concept, Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV II, Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II, Honda Native concept, Lamborghini Ankonian concept, Honda N Concept 4, 2020 Maserati GranTurismo concept.

1. Daihatsu D-X concept car

Daihatsu D-X concept carPartially inspired from its Copen model and partially from A-Concept city vehicle, Daihatsu D-X Concept car is all set to make its debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show 2011. Boasting of a resin body, two-cylinder engine, and an essential interior, it is more of sports car study rather than an actual production-ready model. By simply exchanging the composite body panels of the car, customers can turn this concept car to two-door crossover from a racer or from a roadster to a hatchback. It comes with aggressive and tough exterior along with impressive interiors. It is an apt car for city drivers.

2. Toyota FCV-R Fuel-Cell Concept

Toyota FCV-R Fuel-Cell ConceptThis concept car which made its debut at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 hints towards a future fuel-cell car powered by hydrogen. This four seater sedan offers impressive luggage space. The FCV-R comes with 70MPa hydrogen tank that enables the car a cruising range of approximately 435 miles. The production of the FCV-R will begin in 2015. It comes with an overall length of 4,745mm, height of 1,510 mm and width of 1,790 mm.

3. Citroen UFO Concept Car

Citroen UFO Concept CarCitroen’s French designer Ora-ito has developed a concept car whose shape is akin to an UFO which is often seen in Hollywood science fiction alien films. The design shares resemblance to its previous Citroen DS’ mutated version which received immense appreciation at the automobile world solely for its futuristic look and aerodynamic body. This UFO concept car has the typical shape of a flying saucer that provides a wonderfully aerodynamic body to it. Its design displays an amalgamation of art, science and engineering. This car is devoid of wheels.

4. Pagani Electrodynamics concept

Pagani Electrodynamics concept

With electric vehicles increasingly gaining ground, more and more electric cars are manufactured to satisfy customer’s needs. Antonio Bruno’s Electrodynamics is a study design of an upcoming electric sports car. The design is created of unstructured volume. This concept car does not have an internal combustion engine as a result it permits considerable freedom with respect to form. The upper dome of the car is made up of a tinted acrylic component which stretches till the front bumper thereby hiding the additional headlights.

5. Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV II

Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV II

This concept car will make its world debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show 2011. Mitsubishi has described its concept PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicle) of having fuel efficiency and high environmental performance. It will boast of a conventional engine for the hybrid car to be at par with a conventional car yet with considerably enhanced fuel efficiency.

6. Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II

Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II

This is an updated edition of the earlier concept which was launched at Tokyo Auto Salon in 2010. It is based on MR2 hybrid concept which features a couple of styling signs from the fabulous MR2 sports car. Its 3.5 litres V6 engine will offer 249 horsepower. Powered by gasoline-electric engine along with sports-hybrid AWD system, its rear wheels are powered by gasoline engine while its front wheels are powered by an electric motor. This concept car promises to improve manoeuvrability and stability while mounting driving enjoyment.

7. Honda Native concept

Honda Native concept

After offering customers Apple mackintosh inspired iSnow and iMove concepts, another futuristic concept has been introduced by Liviu Tudoran for Honda. Called the Honda Native, this concept car is manufactured with light material as well as photo chromic material which enable the vehicle to change colour. It is powered with an electric engine which receives energy from lithium ion high voltage batteries. The interior of the elegant and sleek vehicle is made with light aluminium. An OLED display is used for the speedometer while touch screen control is used for hassle free accessing of functions.

8. Lamborghini Ankonian concept

Lamborghini Ankonian concept

Well known for designing purely thrilling car concepts, Lamborghini’s latest concept Ankonian too is no different. Its aggressive curves and bold look will definitely draw customers irresistibly towards it. Ankonian refers to a specific breed of bulls known for their fury, frenzy and black coat. The killer edges and seamless curves pronounce spectacular beauty. Its black glossy paint personifies the fury and aggression which the vehicle stands for. This concept car on the whole epitomizes passion and power with close merger of audacious and articulate convex and concave curves. It has beautiful interiors and bold, bombastic and bovine exterior. It is likely to hit markets sometime in 2016.

9. Honda N Concept 4

Honda N Concept 4

A surprise presentation, N Concept 4 will be available for production from the coming year as Honda’s next model of the increasing N series Kei cars. Its production version will be powered by 660cc gasoline engine but its receiving some kind of forced induction remains an open question. The main highlight of this car is its mixture of rounded features. It boasts of bright eyes and friendly face. It comes with conventional opening doors both front and rear.

10. 2020 Maserati GranTurismo concept

2020 Maserati GranTurismo concept

The design team under Fiat’s supervision has taken a big leap of faith with this concept car. It boasts of a highly feasible and classic look. The emblem of the Maserati trident has specially been used as an inspiration for LED taillights for creating brand identity within design language exclusive of a logo for itself. The seats as well as other structures have been made with light weight material such as aluminium in minimalistic combination to save weight as much as possible.

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