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Ever since its birth, the cellphone concept has been constantly evolving. In the beginning the growth and evolution was slow. Today, the evolution seems to have reached the state of a revolution and the cellphone is undergoing radical transformations. The

Best of 2011: Cellphone concepts

Ever since its birth, the cellphone concept has been constantly evolving. In the beginning the growth and evolution was slow. Today, the evolution seems to have reached the state of a revolution and the cellphone is undergoing radical transformations. The iPhone has been the latest ‘in-thing’ when it comes to cellphones.That might be the truth among the commercially available phones. But when it comes to cellphone concepts, a lot has been happening. Here are 10 amazing and interesting cellphone concepts that we hope to see soon in the marketplace.

1. Elastic Phone Concept

Elastic Phone

With iPhones getting popular by the day, one seems to forget that the keypad exists. All said and done, there are some advantages of having a physical keypad over a simple touchscreen. To end the debate of which is better, here is a way you can have the cake and eat it also. The Elastic phone concept arrives with a keypad that can be flexibly aligned anywhere on the phone. A great boon for arranging the control keys while gaming. At other times, the OLED touchscreen can be made use of.

2. Need- Unique Cellphone Concept

Need- Unique Cell

With the intention of making a cellphone that purely is meant for communication needs, Need has developed what could be the narrowest phone concept. The phone has dimensions of 14cm x 2cm x 0.5cm. The entire phone is a touchscreen and you just have to sift between screens to arrive at the one that you need – something like flipping through pages in a book. It comes along with a stylus to write quick messages and the looks of the phone is very stylish.

3. i Roll cellphone concept

i Roll cellphone

A retractable OLED screen has been utilized in this super novel concept. It is a phone with all the necessary features when in use. When it is not needed, it is rolled into a neat cylinder which could then be plugged into the ear to act as earplugs! You could also place it like a pen in your pocket and none will be the wiser. It comes with different skins to cater to the varying tastes of the customers.

4. Image Concept Sony Ericsson Cyber​​ Shot

Sony Ericsson Cyber​​ Shot

Here is a serious contender and a probable winner if you are on a lookout for phones with the best possible cameras. This Cybershot makes it hard for us to decide whether it is a phone with a camera or a camera with a phone! It comes loaded with all the hardware and software that an amateur enthusiast or a beginner could hope for. It has a face detection software,a flash, an auto rotate feature, geo-tagging, etc. which will make possible some serious photography.

5. Futuristic HumanForm Cellphone from Nokia

Futuristic HumanForm Cell

An electro-tactile surface has been molded into a cellphone concept by Nokia. This means that the phone will itself change and modify its shape according to the user. The phone can bend and twist and align itself for best performance while speaking or using it for games. Its flexibility has been inspired from the human form. The concept was unveiled to commemorate 25 years of the Nokia Research Center.

6. Fully Functional Paper Origami Cellphone Design

Paper Origami Cell Phone

This is a concept that a Chinese designer borrowed from a Japanese art – Origami! A cellphone made entirely of hard and thick paper is now doing its rounds as a prototype. This would be an ideal device for those who keep traveling. Many times, people want a local phone to use only as long as their trip lasts. Then, they just discard the phone. Such disposable phones can now be made as Origami phones. They are clean and Eco-friendly too and once you are done with them, all you have to do is rip them apart and discard them.

7. DrawBraille Phone Concept


You will wonder why nobody got this beautiful idea before! The blind interact with their phones only via sounds and voice recognition. By incorporating a touch sensitive Braille board on the phone, designer Shikun Sun hopes to offer the texting experience even to the blind. The display is also a Braille board that ‘rises to the occasion’ so that the receiver too can read and decipher the texted message. This concept will definitely be a boon for the blind. It will make them enjoy and experience the concept called text messaging which we, the people with eyes, take a lot for granted.

9. Turntable Dial Concept

Turntable Dial

For those who believe in old being gold, this concept from designer Mukund K P from India is sure to strike a harmonic chord! Just like the first few telephones, this cellphone has a turntable dial right at the center. Apart from deriving joy from nostalgia, every time you dial the number via turntable, energy is generated which charges the phone battery! The phone also has a keypad that can be slid and used when necessary. When we have cellphones that have a touchscreen along with the traditional keypad, why not have a keypad with an even more traditional turntable?

10. Tron Phone Concept Designed by Raul Galindo

Tron Phone Concept

An almost transparent and crystal clear display constitutes the Tron phone. At first appearance, it only seems like an empty frame. But this 7mm frame is a concept phone that is the brainchild of the designer Raul Galindo. With its dreamy and flashy neon glow lights along its borders, the phone has only three buttons at its base. These are to cut or receive calls and put off the phone. All the other controls are from the screen. It has two cameras and you can connect to the earplugs wirelessly. This would be great for the music enthusiasts. The whole concept has been inspired from the movie – Tron.

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