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Where the world serves as the workplace, a travel tool is much needed for people on the go, and portable or handy furniture has just become the new hot option for people worldwide. Offering the power of a workstation in a portable package has a lot of appeal as well as utility. Easy to carry whenever and wherever you need to work, portable workstations are perfect when space is limited and it is difficult to keep a permanent workstation in a room or when you are traveling and need to work on a desk in different locations. Here is the list of some highly portable workstations that let users work on their systems anywhere, anytime.

Globus mobile workstation by Artifort

Developed by Dutch company Lande Productie Schijndel BV for Artifort and Gispen, the Globus is a multi-functional flexible mobile workstation. The Globus has a molded plastic globe with two sections supported by a cast aluminum base on wheels. The two halves of the plastic globe split open to provide a very comfortable seating space in one and a small adjustable table that functions as a worktable in the other. Read more


Complementing the style and efficiency of contemporary notebooks, the PorTable from Italian Originale Design Creative Lab is a trendy laptop bag for your notebook that doubles as a portable workstation to work on your notebook any time you need. The PorTable wraps your notebook neatly and safely, and lets users work on their systems without the need to pull them out of the bag, while the sleeves of the bag become a mousepad for both right- and left-hand users. Moreover, the PorTable is customizable with different materials, accessories and dimensions to accommodate notebooks of different types and sizes. Read more

Lavoro Mobile Workstation

The “Lavoro,” as the designer call his new workstation, features adequate space for all your equipment, together with iPod/iPhone, earphones, pens, pencils, ruler, mouse and papers, in a very luxurious and unique case. The Lavoro also touts a thick, white leather, padded MacBook slot. In addition, the mobile workstation presents a slide-out mouse tray, together with an off-center handle to counter-balance the weight of the MacBook. The portable workstation is available in a variety of wood finishes, including oak, walnut, cedar, teak and cherry, and is sealed with rubber to keep your equipment safe in the watertight case. Read more

Bud: Adjustable Computer Workstation

Designer Won Shik Yu has popped up with a stylish computer workstation named the “BUD” that may give a breathing space for trendy users in pursuit of a perfect portable workspace. The UK-based designer drawing inspiration from the birth of a “flower bud” has brought the ergonomic and architectural excellence together in a single artifact. Finished with fiberglass, the two halves of the plastic globe split to provide a very comfortable seating space in one and a small adjustable table in the other. Read more

My Place Cozy Portable laptop workstation

Presenting a super bright flexible LED light, built-on cup holder and carry handle, the “My Place Cozy” is a portable laptop workstation also touts a comfortable pillow base, compact design (16 x 14 x 3″) and lightweight frame finished with durable plastic. Users can work, read and do crafts on the cozy workstation. The functional workstation runs on two AAA batteries, and you may get it online for just $20. Read more

Casedesk Modular Workstation

The “Casedesk” is a portable design that integrates a computer within the workstation. The Computer Integrated Modular Workstation is a functional unit that comes as an ergonomic as well as a foldable workstation. It is an easily bendable computer unit that users can pack up like a piece of luggage and move around with them whenever they want. Read more

Hip Office

Finished with glass fiber, the Hip Office from HK-Ergonomics is a portable workstation. Designed by Henning Kunow, the utilitarian Connect-a-Desk enables users to accomplish their usual office activities like using a notebook, drawing or writing without disrupting the momentum of work. The wearable laptop stand or workstation presenting an ergonomic design supports different working postures, as you may work while sitting, standing and even walking. Read more

CartDesk Mobile Cart

Designed by Tangram, the CartDesk is a unique portable and pretty mobile cart that holds the entire workstation including the laptop, projector and other display devices forming a complete office solution while traveling. It measures just 17.9″ x 6″ x 15.5” for easy storage, comprising a slide-out keyboard shelf and CPU tower placement and holds up to 20lbs and carrier can transport up to 50lbs. Read more

TableTote Portable Worktable

The TableTote Portable Workstation is perfect for those who are averse to using laptop trackpads. It is a non-skid work surface that can extend to 24 inches wide, with a side panel that can be used as a mouse pad. It folds down to a size of just 13.5″ x 10.75″ x 1.4″ and weighs just 3 pounds. It has adjustable telescoping legs, enabling its use anywhere from your bed to the boardroom. Read more

Quiksilver Premium Workstation

A laptop bag measuring 12 x 2 x 16-inches transforms into a desk with compression molded mouse pad, an anti-slip surface, external media pocket, and a cool-down laptop pocket. It is made up of polyade and costs $154. Read more

João Pedro Carneiro’s workstation

Designed by portuguese industrial designer João Pedro Carneiro, this portable computer is created specifically for content creators that incorporates a keyboard, a graphics tablet and a free-standing 17-inch monitor with a flip-out stand. The tablet is mounted on top of the system unit which snaps onto the LCD section. Its removable keyboard is sandwiched between the two that allows it to be used alongside the tablet. Read more

My Individual Workstation

Designed to provide multiple work surfaces to industrial product design students, every aspect of industrial design – research, design and presentation – has been condensed into one “My Individual Workstation.” With a handy unlocking mechanism, the actual seat splits into two, and provides for the central entities to sit across a work surface and interact. Emphasizing that the MIW is a utility in toto, Zeynep has endowed it with Bluetooth technology so that the student can present his project, all from the ease of this wonder chair. Read more

Openaire laptop case turns into an ergonomic workstation

Designed by NICK+BEAU, a collaboration between brothers Nick and Beau Trincia, the Openaire is a laptop case that doubles as a work surface with a lightweight folding chair to work on your system anywhere, anytime. The folding chair, made of individual panels to contour to any body shape, encloses the carrying case/work surface for portability while traveling. Integrating a semi-rigid protective sleeve designed as an ergonomic laptop work surface and a protective shell that becomes a comfortable seat, the Openaire comes with a padded compartment within the case, ensuring the safety of your laptop/notebook.Read more

MacBook Workstation

Finished with a 6mm whiteboard with a durable melamine finish, ensuring durability and sleekness, the new MacBook stand raises the screen to a comfortable height, allowing a better posture to the user. You may also tilt the stand at the front to use the laptop keyboard, though it works great with another keyboard. Moreover, the notebook stand can be packed flat, with very simple self-assembly commands, for easy storage and transportation. The latest MacBook stand is available for $55. Read more

Planet 3 Studios’ Out-of-Box Workstation

An innovatively designed Out-of-Box Workstation created by Mumbai-based Planet 3 Studios integrates major office equipment into a single sleek, compact unit that can easily be towed away to any part of the office for quick and convenient use. The brainchild of the design team composed of Kalhan Mattoo, Santha Gour Mattoo, Kanwaldeep Kapoor and Hina Parmar, the workstation offers a solution to the space-clogging problems in the metropolitan setups with its ingenuity. Read more

The Fold N Go Portable workstation

An example of a true modern-day smart space-saver unit, priced at AUD $119, the Fold N Go Portable True Adjust Station unit comes with multiple features. Not only does it feature unique side release buttons that fold up the entire workstation into a compact 102cm body for easy transport and 1.5cm thick black tops with silver frames, the tidy workstation comfortably holds the CPU, monitor, keyboard, printer and much more. The handy unit just weighs 17 kg and measures 70 x 75cm. Read more

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