150 clocks or one Clock, you decide!

christiaan postma clock001 N4H34 3858

Christiaan Postma is an artist who explores contrast within different fields of design. She seeks to create unexpected harmony via her thoughts. This attribute is explored and exhibited aplenty in her creation: Clock. Studying form and time, she has put together 150 different clockworks that work in a rare blend of harmony to produce one unique clock. As the hands of different clocks move, they combine to spell out the current time. Reading clockwise, the time is readable as the numbers get written in words by clockworks. Thus, the clockworks move at their own pace and come together precisely at any particular hour to spell it out. So as the time strikes three, the clockworks combine to spell out ‘THREE’. And as time passes, this fades away and at precisely 4’o clock again the clockworks combine to spell out ‘FOUR’. The creative piece is not quite functional as it only spells the hour and not the minutes and so on, but when it comes to uniqueness, the Clock scores perfect 10. The Clock measures 140 X 140 cm and is a great exhibition of originality and vision.

christiaan postma clock serie TLKgg 3858
Via: Xfriction

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