Wooden iPhone cases to protect your cherished handset

It’s true that you are missing out if you don’t have an iPhone, like the saying goes – “If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone!” However, it is not enough just to have an iPhone, you need to buy the required accessories as well. Of the many accessories, the most vital one is probably the case – which would have to be protective, stylish, elegant and unique – all at the same time. Luckily people who design the cases think the same way! Hence you will be able to find a variety of cases. Some of them are so innovative, you wouldn’t able to figure if that is a iPhone case at all! And I say in the positive way, they are so innovative, they set the trends! So, read on if you’re dying to find out – here’s our compilation of the fifteen most innovative and stylish iPhone 4 cases.

Gold and Wood iPhone

This 18 Karat gold jacket made by Gresso studios, is the king of iPhone cases. The structure is made with African blackwood and coated with 18 Karat gold. The price is yet to be decided. It has a similar look and feel to it like Gresso’s $3000 iPhone 4 case. It’s hard to make an estimate of such a product, but needless to say, it brings delight in the ears of iPhone owners to even know that such a case exists. How thoughtful, indeed!

Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case

This case has been designed in a way to make it look like an old school vintage camera. Crafted out of Bamboo and walnut barks, this little beauty is “Da Bomb!” Made with the profuse usage of laser technology, this case will not only protect your “blue eyed boy,” but also give it this awesome forest camouflage. It makes it look like a vintage camera. So, do you want to get out there in between hundreds of iPhone owners and stand out? Less than $45, and nothing else matters…

Vers iPhone/ iPod cases

The Vers iPhone iPod case is a graceful piece of wood art, which can fit both an iPhone and an iPad well into it! Made with bamboo and hardwood, this durable and stylish looking piece can protect your iPhone from scratches and burns and make it look elegant at the same time. This case is also moisture and UV resistant, so when they say scratch and burn proof, they mean it! What more? Yes, there’s more, you can even check the time in your iPhone through a specially designed see through section in the case and there is also a quick-eject button at the lower vertical end of the case. Visa power or not, go get it! Price ranges from $17.49 to $79.99.

BEAMS x master-piece Wooden iPhone 4 Case

Made in a joint venture by the collaboration of Japanese brands BEAMS and MSPC(master-piece), this little baby has been crafted from dark brown wood to get that elegant and sexy texture. The carving was done in Indonesia with the finest wood available. Stylish and steady wins the race!

Handmade iPhone case/box

Costing $84.99, this handmade iPhone case is crafted out of wenge and polished with linseed oil. It’s rock solid, elegant looking and smoother than supermodel skin. The interiors of the case was built in the perfect measurements of the iPhone, to give it solid clutch and fit. Add a natural aesthetic to super digital iPhone, get the best of both worlds!

Imperfect $70 wooden iPhone Case

Well it’s not at all imperfect to say the least! It’s ‘back to nature’ style and design, has a great aesthetic appeal and it feels great in the palms. Covered on the sides, this case was built to optimize usage while inside the case. It leaves the screen open for usage while it is in the case. Priced at $70, it provides value for money.

Shellcase for iPhone 4

Here’s another wood work masterpiece by Vers. Steel reinforced like every Vers wooden case, this case has a scratch resistant lining, multiple opening for headphones, chargers etc. and has great soft and warm feeling to it because of the lining. Available at Vers stores for $39.99, it’s absolutely worth the price.

Substrata’S Wood Case

If you think that all wooden iPhone cases are more or less similar, then this woodwork by Substrata is sure to burst your bubble. These Substrata cases are too made from wood and offer durability, but with an added touch of organic elegance. These cases come with variety of flavors like wenge, walnut, paduak, maple and wenge with paduak etc. Prices range from $84.99 to $124.99. You can check out all their models at their official website substrata.

IWood Luxurious Wooden Case

The iWood wooden case is truly an affordable luxury. Priced at about $95, it is available in different flavors like walnut, cherry, mahogany, oak etc. These cases are handmade and if pre-ordered they can be customized and engraved as per your choice. This will add some man made beauty and artistic touch to your already awesome iPhone.

Root iPhone Cases

These cases are handcrafted with great attention to detail and accuracy. Costs only $59, and they are available in four different flavors – walnut, zebrawood, wenge and bamboo. These cases are built to be hard, durable and dense. With some fine polishing, they are so smooth that they’ll slip through your hands and land straight into your heart.

Miniot x Staple Wood iPhone Case

An exceptional case designed by Miniot and staple, carved from a single piece of wood. You can engrave your own monogram or message in it. So go on, bring the sophistication in your iPhone case with a touch of nature.

Bamboo iPhone Case

Designed at Portland and Oregon, you can choose between plain classic cases, artist’s designed cases or your very own custom made cases. These cases are hand crafted with 100% bamboo wood and polished and finished with natural wax. The bamboo cases are available in 7 different colors.

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