Unusual and interesting PC Case Mod designs

Computers are a splendid example of human vision. We have built them and now we rely on them. The innovations in technology have always been presenting us with unique creations. It takes sharp focus, skill and perseverance to build what others can just dream of. Computers have bagged their places in almost every home and we rely on its power. But the genius inside should reflect outside. PC case mod designs are for those who don’t want to hide their computers behind their shelves but rather flaunt. They want their computers to project the spirit of creativity outside. Here are the top 15 most creative PC case mod designs that exemplify genius. To showcase that imagination knows no bounds.

H20 shuttle PC Case mod:

Computer case mod designs come in to play when just a metallic box is not enough. The H20 shuttle designed by Besi represents his deep passion for Shuttle XPC SN95G5V2 ITX case. It took him about 400 hours to design this beauty. The outer body is made of ABS plastic shell embellished with vacuum plating and metalized. The H20 Shuttle is a combination of eye catchy beauty and sheer power.

Edelweiss PC:

This is yet another unique design which has a quite different concept idea than the usual case designs. The Edelweiss PC designed by Million-Dollar-PC has all the cables and wires tucked inside the smoked glass case with precision. Hence, there is no clutter of wires anywhere in the machine. The cooling components are left outside to be seen.

‘Cars’ themed PC Case mod:

The Disney Pixar movie “Cars” is behind the inspiration of this case mod. This has been named Lightning McMod by designer Kier and was to be presented as a gift to his 4 year old son. Apart from the other specifications, this case mod has a unique lightning set up and a 15 inch LCD monitor on the outside. The kids will definitely love it.

HAF X Mini Bike Case mod:

HAF X Mini Bike Case mod is an astonishing computer which is also a motor-fitted vehicle. Designed by PC Storm’s Rene Grau, the regular computer box is fitted into a motor bike which can actually be used as ride, all you need is gasoline.

Usonian PC Case:

The Usonian home concept was inspired from the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Jeffery Stephenson has brought the charm of this architecture into the tech world by introducing the Usonian PC case. The outer case design has been done with mahogany highlights. The top of the case looks like the falling water balcony present in the Coonley Playhouse. While classy outside, it has been configured with the latest technology inside.

WMD Part II by G-gnome:

The WMD part II or the Weapon of Mass Destruction PC mod design is one of its kind. Designed by G-gnome, it is made to look like an atomic bomb which you might have seen in movies or TV shows. The whole body is made of stainless steel that shines beautifully. It is hard to believe it is just a computer.

VW bus Computer Case:

The VW bus computer case is a collaborative work of Cooler Master and Smooth Creations. A packed computer in a mini bus case is a unique combination. This beautifully embellished custom case is a part of Cooler Master’s high end CSX range.

TRON Lightcycle PC bound:

Designed especially for motorcycle lovers, this PC mod is inspired from the mean machine in the movie ‘TRON’. Bods Mods designed TRON Lightcycle PC bound makes you go crazy with the shinny blue lights in a 40 inch structure. To make it possible the designer employed the Google’s 3D modeling application, SketchUp and a lot more.

Ultimate Digg Case Mod:

The ultimate Digg Case Mod has been traveling the country as a showcase for the company. The big and shiny Digg logo case also comes with a 20 inch screen, a matching keyboard and a mouse to complete the set. The company started the bidding at $25,000 for this unique PC case.

The Pyramid PC:

The amazingly beautiful and high-end Pyramid PC mod has been designed by Polo360x from Techpowerup forums. It measures about 19x19x25 inch. The Pyramid PC is made of black and white laser cut aluminum which reflects the intensity of power packed inside. The new wonder in the tech business is definitely a mighty competition.

Wii Case mod:

This Wii case mod is a class art. Designer Nielsen has included a 2×220 mm tall and 70mm in diameter water cooling reservoirs. It is also equipped with a digital thermometer. This elegant designer mod can be aluminum polished, water cooled and also wall-mounted.

The Desk PC Case Mod:

Wondering where to place your computer? Desk PC designed by Will Urbina is the geeky answer. The cool computer embedded in a Plexiglas desk. The design has been also built with a special enclosure to keep all the hard drives.

The water-cooled steampunk PC:

The water-cooled steampunk is one stunning piece of art you would ever see. Water is a better coolant than air. This PC mod keeps your computer water cooled all the time. The design that looks like a water pumping machine of the 70s is actually a computer.

PC inside a whiskey bottle:

This is an absolute amazing looking PC case. Wonder how a computer could fit so perfectly in a Ballantine Whiskey Bottle. The designer deserves all the appreciation. The only outside aid he needed, was to drill the holes. This is an excellent example of imaginative creativity.

Nvidia ION Cube Case mod:

The Mnpctech designer Bill Owen came up with this ION-based glowing case mod for the contest organized by Nvidia and rightly bagged the first prize. This is a sensational outcome of 100 hours of determined labor. Hats off!

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