15 space saving kitchens to add spice in life

Kitchen is possibly the only space that one wouldn’t want to change, for it’s impossible to dole out yum and healthy recipes with panache that satisfy appetites too, if you are not comfortable working in the setup. With luxury homes turning into small apartments, due to rapid growth in urban population, demand of portable and multifunctional kitchen units has been on the rise. Have a look at some of the futuristic kitchen concepts that not only saves space in modern apartments but also lets you cook and eat healthy. Fruit of Life fruit of life nUACx 5784 Hieu Tranngoc and Hao Tran have designed a balanced kitchen that fits the lifestyle a geek, for sure. Ideally sized for one or two people, Fruit of Life is an open concept that gives the user the freedom to move the kitchen with ease. A fruitful apple tree has been the source of inspiration for the designers and they have literally shaped the whole setup like a tree with two fruits hanging from branches on either side. Read more Kitchen 2099 or H2O electrolux 15 s7zas 17621 Built on the principle of metamorphosis, the “Kitchen 2099” or “H2O” by Hungarian designer Peter Vardai is a futuristic kitchen that loses its exclusive part in the household and turns into its center by fulfilling all its necessities. For the basic substance, the claytronic atom, allows the owner to shape his/her kitchen according to their wishes and changing moods, which means that one single acquisition enables the usage of various models. Read more Kitchen Tree the kitchen tree 02 sy2ua 22976 Designed for the recent Electrolux Design Lab Competition, under the theme “a household item for the next 90 years,” the “Kitchen Tree” by Balin Lee as depicted by its name is inspired by the growth of trees in nature. Incorporating futuristic technology, the kitchen concept by the Australian designer can be customized to the user’s individual needs. Read more Round cupboard kitchen concept intelligent kitchen design concept eN2Qu 5965 Though its name ‘Round cupboard assembling that can be rotated and lifted’ certainly could use some professional PR help, the concept behind it seemed quite wholesome to say the least. With each element of the kitchen designed to allow objects to come near the user, rather than the other way around, the concept is a true time saver, while the unique cylindrical design of the concept also saves a lot of space within the living space! Read more Tube mini kitchen tube Addressing the issue for the working single or a couple, or even a small family for that matter, designer Faith Can Sarioz has come up with a compact, but at the same time unique, kitchen concept that easily fits in the small city apartments, allowing fresh and hygienic homemade food for the working people. Hailed as “Tube,” the mini kitchen module takes its shape from 2 tubes that are united by a stem. Read more Portable kitchen for singles kitchen for singles We have seen things evolving in order to serve the way we like them to be, and one of those things that attracts attention is the latest “kitchen for singles” by designer Dzmitry Samal. Featuring an extended kitchen counter and storage space, inspired by the mobile phone rotating mechanism, this adaptable portable kitchen will ensure a good meal from your favorite cook. Read more O Kitchen o kitchen 4 Deriving its name from its spherical shape, the “O Kitchen” is a compact yet complete cooking space for modern homes. This kitchen has everything, name it and it’s there. Boasting control panel with internet access, MP3 player function, CD/DVD reader, digital cookbook, kitchen management software and built-in sound system, the futuristic kitchen comes equipped with unified microwave and electric oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop, smell and steam exhaust, lighting, cabinets, automatic disposal system and high temperature alert display. Read more EGGo Mobile Kitchen mobile kitchen 1 Presenting an elegant egg shape design, designer Zhdanova Irina has come up with a concept kitchen that users can carry with them on their fancy camping trips and enjoy cooking outdoors. Dubbed the “EGGo,” this self-sufficient mobile kitchen, apart from water sink, water reservation tank and gas chamber, also includes an extra burner for sumptuous barbecues. Read more Isola S 10 Bjqlh 58 Toyo Kitchen’s Isola S kitchen, with its stylish and organized design, looks set to change the gloomy perception of males towards cooking and cleaning up. Featuring three electric cooking rings and a generous circular sink, the Isola S from the Nobody collection, comes with elegant corrugated-bottom drawers for storing different kitchen items. Read more Two Person Cooking Space 11 Hopm4 58 With luxury homes turning into small apartments and cramping living space in modern urban dwellings due to rapid growth in urban population in recent times, demand of portable and multifunctional gadgets has been on the rise. Defining the universal problem, the 2 Person Cooking Space by Tommy Chen is an innovative solution for compact urban homes. Read more Rock – aïl rock ail1 Hz6G8 5784 Dubbed as Rock – aïl, it is a polygonal shaped set up that houses all that you can ask for and more! Intending to make people responsible about the feeding habits, well being and ecology at home, it is a whole complete kitchen by itself. Read more Futuristic Kitchen by Aslihan Yilmaz futuristic kitchen concept from aslihan yilmaz This kitchen concept by Turkish designer Aslihan Yilmaz held a ranking in the X-08 National Kitchen Design Competition(Turkish) 2008. To start with, it is completely foldable and the components and attachments can be folded away when not in use. Read more Alight Kitchen alight kitchen Altera Design Studio’s innovative kitchen Concept ‘Alight Kitchen’ recently awarded at the Incheon International Design Competition 2007, ready to be exhibited at Incheon International Design Fair this December concerns itself with the global shortages of clean water, food and resources. The system not only helps minimize waste materials but also make people aware of how much they’re consuming. Read more Kitchen Design kitchen design2 This beautiful and smart kitchen design is made by Fevzi Karaman a designer from Turkey, Ankara who made the kitchen cupboard “silverline” which won a prize at a contest student. The colors of the kitchen pechues with a green apple that gives a sacred Deco touches to the kitchen. Read more Compact kitchen compact kitchen 1 In an attempt to make the most sustainable and practical kitchen for the urban society, a user named mappdaniel at ProductDesignForums has created a concept compact kitchen, which he claims to be ergonomic, sustainable and technologically advanced. The components of this kitchen include a worktop, fold-away chairs, touch controlled cooking hobs, integrated eco-friendly fridge, sink with infrared controlled taps, an oven and a grill. Read more

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