135 degree Heaith Wheelchair, a great blend of comfort and design

Wheelchairs help people move from one spot to the other, but don’t really come tagged with a lot of comfort making the user feel all the more miserable. Denghua Yang has designed the 135 degree Heaith Wheelchair, which can be adjusted according to the user’s posture in turn ensuring complete comfort.

135° Heaith Wheelchair

Normally, the back of a wheelchair is always fixed and cannot be moved. In this case, a user can adjust the back to the most comfortable position for performing different activities while sitting on the wheelchair. It is easy to use the wheelchair and will also kill the monotonous look that comes tagged with this medical device. The user friendly product is aesthetically pleasing and will unfurl a great reclining comfort.

135 degree Heaith Wheelchair is easy to operate and the compact structure is visually appealing. It doesn’t look like an everyday wheelchair that can depress just anyone at first sight. A user can operate it without much difficulty which is facilitated by the linkage structure. It will let a user recline to the most comfortable posture, which is not possible with a conventional wheelchair. Along with this, even the pedal can be adjusted to 180 degree that will kill any kind of discomfort. It can be turned 360 degrees, thanks to the placement of front and rear wheels that have a telescopic structure.

135 degree Heaith Wheelchair comes tagged with a lot of flexibility, which is very important when a person is confined to such medical equipment.

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