Wearable Cellphone concepts that add fashion to your chatter

Evolution is the basic law of nature. This aptly applies to almost every field of work or innovation coming to existence, but communication is one of the most affected fields, which gained momentum with the advent of cellphones. Today mobile phones, both high-end and cheap, are available for every sect of society. Still, technology is not letting innovators satisfy themselves with what they have. High-end technology and unusual designs are flooding the market. Of late, we have seen mobile phones that can be wrapped or worn around the wrist like a band. Check out some of the best Wearable Cellphone concepts that become a fashion accessory for the trendy.

The color rings

Inspired by the gestural language depicting the use of the phone, the color rings by BCK design team, including Javier Bertani, Ezequiel Castro and Vera Kade, are an accessory for your mobile phones that apart from making your chatter more natural and comfortable also turns your flamboyant fashion accessory in to a functional device. Read more

Samsung Bracelet Cellphone

Erik Campbell designed a very original Samsung bracelet phone, a wearable mobile device concept that relies on memory alloy articulation. This smartphone is destined to reach the wrists of athletes, adventurers and tech freaks from all over the world. Read more

Nokia Strapup Phone

Named ‘Strapup phone,’ the latest wearable concept by Nokia isn’t actually a phone in the true sense. It doesn’t send voiced or text messages like other regular phones, rather enables your friends to track you through predefined messages, programmed with personal movements or gestures to trigger your movements, while dancing or partying in a nearby club, without wasting any time for calling or typing a text message. Read more

Thrifty Watch Phone

Have a look at this “Thrifty Watch Phone” that apart from being a wristwatch and a cellphone also becomes an all in one device, including an MP3 player, video camera, media player and PDA, to remove all the clutter from your pocket. Essentially a quad band GSM, the multifunctional device works all over the world. Read more

Ring Phone

The Sony Ericsson Ring Phone can safely be included in the tiniest cell phone category. While answering a call simply hold the ring close to your ear and pull out the microphone. It has a round screen for simple and easy communication. This is another example of a wearable gizmo or I’d rather say a jewelry gizmo. Read more

Bracelet Cellphone

Designed by Nicolas Nicolaou, the Bracelet Cellphone is a mobile phone that simultaneously works as an electronic watch. Featuring a built in scrolling function, letting you move between various functions available on the device and a built in camera, allowing the users to take photos and send real time images, the wearable Cell-phone is compatible with both touch screen and voice recognition technology. Read more

Mood Eyewear

The Mood eyewear is a multifunctional accessory that you can use like a normal pair of sunglasses, a cellphone or an MP3 player. The built-in memory of the Mood eyewear lets you store your favorite songs and you can enjoy music on the move in either the sunglasses position or the headphone position. Read more

ASUS Waveface Ultra

The “Ultra” from ASUS is a wearable computer/cellphone concept that can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, becoming a fashionable accessory for the trendy users. Based around a flexible OLED display, the wearable Waveface system can be controlled through hand gestures in mid air or by touching the display, allowing the users carry or access their files or content anytime anywhere. Read more

Helix Cellphone

Keeping the users with the latest fashion, music and pop art trends in mind, designer Rob Luna has come up with a futuristic cellphone called “Helix” that the users can wear like a slap bracelet. Featuring easy functions with flexible circuits and touchscreen, the helix also integrates an LED in the front to show updates. Read more

Relexer cellphone

Chinese designer Lu Yin has designed a mobile phone called “Relexer” that as its name suggests doubles as a medical gadget to review the health of the users. Integrating a thermometer that can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, the cellphone measures the temperature and other drastic discrepancies in the body so the users can take the precautionary measures unless it becomes too late to control the ailment. Read more

Wrist Phone

Designer Shirley A. Roberts is out there with an innovative communication device that users may wrap around their wrist like a customary wristwatch or a bracelet. Featuring basic requirements of a cell phone, the Wrist Phone comes fully functional with a LED display, keypad and headset jack. Read more


Handphone is designed to have it to hand and allow you to call using a natural gesture, features voice control for activation and dial memorized numbers. The fingers of the hand make the right size for it, as the microphone can be put very near the mouth and the speaker almost inside the ear to facilitate communication in the nosiest of spaces as well. Read more

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