10 wooden gadgets to ensure sustainable computing

wooden computer

There is a great need to blend technology with natural elements in modern times. Tech-savvy people are coming up with gadgets made from wood in this technology-driven world. They not only look cool but also protect the environment from damage. These gadgets are not like monotonous plastic boxes but they will make your space look even more graceful. Here is a list of ten wooden gadgets that will ensure sustainable computing.

1. Wooden Level Eleven PC

Wooden Level Eleven PC

Thermaltake Level Eleven PC will make eyes pop and jaws drop till the floor because of its sheer exquisiteness. The handmade enclosure made from wood contains a fully functional PC. It features a 1.3 GHz VIA Nano CPU and VIA Pico ITX main board. The HDMI output of this masterpiece is a result of an onboard VX855 media processor. Wooden Level Eleven PC boasts of enough horsepower ranging up to 1080p that too without any lag. The PC is massive and will require a special corner, in fact a room in your house. Moreover, it will come with a heavy price tag whenever it goes for sale.

2. Fujitsu Wooden Laptop

Fujitsu Wooden Laptop

Fujitsu Wooden Laptop is worth a steal. This good looking laptop has been crafted using cedar wood and has been named Fujitsu WoodShell. The amazing computing device has its lid down below and is definitely a piece of wooden art. It was a part of the Japan Design Innovation 2008, where the laptop managed to fetch uncountable compliments for its unique designing. The outer skin has been dressed nicely in the color black that also has a few streaks of red. This portable device will be a great companion while traveling.

3. DIY Wooden Laptop Mod

DIY wooden laptop mod

DIY Wooden Laptop Mod is a cut above the rest and has been given a touch of exclusivity. The creative designer took an old computer and swathed it with wood. The effort is worth a loud applaud as the end result is nothing but marvelous. The Wooden Laptop Mod comes draped in cool features that will set onlookers wheezing.

4. Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Made in Wood

Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Made in Wood

Wood Contour is out with computer hardware peripherals that can be customized using your favorite wood. The company crafts everything, including keyboards, USB mouse and LCD monitors, using nothing but a single piece of sturdy wood. One can also give it a special effect by getting logos inscribed on these sumptuous peripherals.

5. Zero Carbon

zero carbon

Here is one company that vows to bring down the energy consumption while using computers. PC World is out with a computer that has been crafted from aluminum and wood, which will even bring down the carbon footprint. The fans from the PC will be removed and instead it will use a casing made from aluminum that will have large slats for ventilation. Everything from keyboard to monitor to mouse will be encased in wood.

6. Asus Bamboo Laptop

Asus Bamboo Laptop

This trendy notebook by Asus has been made using bamboo that gives it an eco friendly existence. Asus Bamboo Laptop will befriend nature and will not deteriorate the environment further. The good-looking computing device is pretty flexible and resistant, thanks to the usage of bamboo. The laptop has fetched heavy inspiration from the nature and will woo people in no time.

7. GX-620


GX-620 comes in a wooden finish that makes it look very classy. It has a 15.4 inch screen that makes using it all the more fun. The laptop by MSI looks elegant and the use of wood makes it all the more appealing. The laptop will blend perfectly with a contemporary set-up and will be worth flaunting.

8. Suissa Computers

Suissa Computers

Howard Suissa, an Ontario-based designer, has designed a computer made from castoff wood. Suissa Computers can be easily upgraded with new technology and unlike others it can be preserved forever. It has a unique appearance that will perfectly blend with most of the interiors and won’t be anything like plastic boxes we presently own.

9. Vers Wood Case for iPad

Vers Wood Case for iPad

Get ready to drape your laptop in style with the Vers Wood Case. It has been specially made for iPad and has been handcrafted from hardwood and bamboo. The case has a lining that is scratch resistant and won’t harm your most loved gadget. The design consists of a top loading slipcase that has openings for a 30 pin connector and volume controls. You can also use the stand for a vertical display and highlight the experience of using an iPad. So, protect the trendiest gadget available on the face of this earth in a graceful manner.

10. Substrata Wooden iPad

Substrata Wooden iPad

Substrata Wooden iPad Box sure looks exclusive. It features a wooden flip style cover along with a sliding latch and a magnetic catch. It will keep your iPad from slipping out of the case hence protect it from potential damage. The wooden box looks great and will be able to match up with the aura of an iPad.

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