Most weird concept cars at Frankfurt Motor Show

The fancy of Frankfurt disciples, both consumers and companies, is being enthralled by the bizarre models being displayed at this year’s showcase. Some models have been developed solely as design inspirations for the future and some are realistic future technologies that we might see eloping from the factories onto the roads. From sleek one passenger cars to nine seater cars, all these weird models have earned their space in the show. To know more about these concepts, check out the following.

Cadillac Ciel concept

The new Cadillac Ciel is 300mm longer than Cadillac CTS saloon. The concept is a four seat convertible with a 3.6 liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine. The new Cadillac is a synthesis between the classics and a dramatic new interior. Its rear hinged door is without pillars, it has 22 inch alloy wheels, and LED headlamps. The seating offers protection against sun with the feature of heated and cooled seats, aromatherapy controlled from the rear armrest, and space for sunglasses, sun cream, and towels. Also passengers can pull out blankets when required.

Renault Frendzy

Inspired by the human life cycle, the fourth edition of the ‘Frendzy’ Concept is out. These cars are idiosyncratic in their shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. The latest French car represents the stage of managing work and family in the human life cycle. For designing the exterior, designer Deyan Denkov took inspiration from unconventionally shaped aircrafts like the Airbus Beluga. This model comes with bold looks and is highly recommended for a busy lifestyle.

Citroën Tubik

The Citroen design has taken its basic design from The Tub, which is the old Type H van. This being a nine passenger modular car, the seating arrangement can be modified in many ways. It is perfect from the comfort and relaxation point of view, imbibed with a lounge-style cocoon. Powered by Hybrid4 technology, a diesel engine turns the front wheels, while the rear wheels are turned using an electric motor. The interior is the differentiating factor with felt seats, backrests, door panels draped in silk, and leather flooring.

Forvision concept

Smart ForTwo cars will be seen on the streets around 2014, but for this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, Smart Forvision is all set. Forvision has been developed by Daimler, Smart’s parent company, and Nissan. Forvision will be powered from the rear by gasoline, electric powertrains, and diesel. For the design part, the company hired a German designer from BASF, a chemicals giant in Germany. This company has designed for Forvision plastic wheels and carbon fiber resin passenger cell. Solar panels will be mounted at the roof for electric power system in the car.

VW Buggy Up

A car for two, this retro roadster comes with a doorless design. The design is inspired from the Meyers Manx. The length and width of the car are not very different from the standard model, but the height is considerably low as the ride height has been reduced by 20mm. It has a waterproof interior, rear luggage rack, and 18 inch alloy wheels.

VW NILS Concept

One man car, the new NILS by Volkswagen is a compact, lightweight, electric car. The chassis is of aluminum and polycarbonate door panels make it ultra-light. It weighs even less than 1000 pounds, powered by a 42 pounds,33 horsepower electric engine. The car takes two hours for charging, and can cover 40 miles per charge. A portable infotainment unit controls the navigation and a seven inch TFT display faces the driver. The concept is fitted with multi link suspension with drilled brakes.

Audi’s Urban concept

The Sportback and Spyder come with an all electric powertrain. The all electric powertrain gives a continuous combined output of 15KW from two electric motors and also a 7.2KW lithium-ion battery. It takes 16.9 seconds to reach to the speed of 62mph. The battery can be recharged in just an hour from 230V current, easily available at home. The two models also come with the feature of Audi Wireless Charging (AWC). For such models, a 3.6KW primary coil has to be installed in the parking spots or anywhere else where the car can be recharged.


The lesser known Russian auto maker Yo-Auto unveiled its Yo-concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. This model will not be produced for sale , but will be used as a design model for the new future designs. The most notable feature of this car is that is comes with sliding curved doors that open in the rear.

Opel/Vauxhall RAKe

Vauxhall is sure that their new electric car is both adept for production and, in fact, it might just revolutionize the concept of urban transportation. When in production, it will aim to serve economically tight budgeted youth. It is very similar to the ultra-light weight vehicles with its current weight scaling to 380kg. It has been stylized similar to the Ampera and can give a new dimension to the riding preference of urban youngsters .

Chevrolet Colorado concept

Too much to be put into one car, but the Chevrolet Colorado adheres to an all encompassing car. Their new car comes with 18 inch mud terrain tires, adjustable suspension, LED headlamps, 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine, satellite navigation system, air-boost system, Fox racing Shox shock absorbers, and much more. The interior is dressed up in dark ash gray, which has been offset by metal accents.

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