Virtual keyboards to let you type on almost any surface

The new innovations in computer technology now enables you to solve all your input computing needs via a beam of light projecting a full keyboard projection. This is a damage and maintenance free technology which requires no wires, cables or any kind of hardware but a tiny projector. Touching the image of a key will generate a unique electronic signal corresponding to a key’s image. Here’s a list of the 10 early innovative devices in the field of virtual input functionality. Take a tour.

Dell Froot concept with virtual keyboard

Skipping the hardware, the Dell Froot concept comes with two projectors, one for the monitor and the other for the input device. A mere projection which looks like a keyboard which can be kept on any table like surface is designed to solve your computing purpose in style. This environment friendly colorful case is made from biodegradable starch based polymer. No mouse as yet, but will definitely have an alternate when the Dell Froot hits the market.


The pen style personal networking gadget, known as P-ISM, is an under developing concept displayed at the ITC Telecom World exhibition. The P-ISM has a projector keyboard with IRS technology and hand writing input feature. This virtual keyboard will be accessible on almost any flat surface. It is more like a bunch of pens when connected together makes a full-featured computer. The basic connecting medium is Bluetooth technology.

Apple patents flat, key-less keyboards

Your past experience using a touch sensitive keyboard might not have been very fruitful at times. Apple is here to wipe of the past. The aim of this patent flat keyless keyboard is to make touch sensitive and virtual keyboard technology more reliable. The keyboard patent will be developed to be made with plastic, metal or even glass. This will come with acoustic pulse recognition technology to be used with Mac PC’s, iOS devices and more. The patent gives us a clear hint on what to expect from Apple in the near future.

The Virtual vkb Keyboard

The Virtual vkb Keyboard is the next best thing you would see in your smart phones and PDAs. The virtual keyboard is a projection of a full QWERTY keyboard via infrared and laser technology. This means that you can access a full keyboard on any flat surface using a mini 90x34x24 device. Well, this will definitely make your smart phones much smarter.

Virtual Keyboard and Screen

Russian designer Marat Kudryavtsev has created a new device named communication gadget which eliminates all the wires and trouble with a small stick-like gadget. This beautiful device projects a virtual monitor screen and a virtual keyboard which solves the input and display purpose for your computer.

CL850: Virtual laser keyboard

The CLS850 has the capability to transform any desktop PC, laptop and mobile phone devices. A small projector projects a full keyboard with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. It is an all purpose input device which takes the least space and gives a bright virtual keyboard for all computing devices.

VKEY virtual keyboard

This virtual keyboarding device projects a full QWERTY keyboard compatible with computers, laptops, PDAs and almost all computing devices. No buttons or wires, all you would need is the small projecting device which acts as an all-function input source.

The virtual keyboard by Virtual Devices

A damage and maintenance free virtual projection keyboard named Virtual Keyboard is developed by Virtual It solves all the essential functions of a keyboard and works on any flat surfaces.

Virtual Keyboard from Proporta

Another James Bond gadget that turns any table or flat surface into a bright real-like keyboard. Designed and developed by Proporta, this device is a bright laser projection which works as an input device for all computers. The projection device is handy and comes with an AC charger.

iBiz Virtual Keyboard

The iBiz virtual keyboard works on the laser projection technology. The virtual projection of the keyboard will detect any interruption in the beam of light to work effectively as a stylish input device. The product is a small projector that gives a raw keyboard projection.

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