Urban Quad Bikes for dudes on a scorching mission

The new concept of eco friendly quad bikes, meant for all terrain types is all set to compete in the eco friendly ride genre. Not only are these quad bikes extremely stylish and robust, they are powerful. They can be three- wheeler or even four-wheeler and are steered sing handles. Conventionally they were used for off-roading purposes, but now producers want them to occupy a significant space on the city roads. Take a look to find out more.

Urban Quad: ATV lookalike

Urban Quad designed by Pablo De Titta has been specially designed for the urban youth. It is stylized with a curvaceous and sturdy body that would make it the chosen one for many city commuters. Its sporty look and gen- next appeal is designed to suit both males and females.

Cectek Quadrift 500EFI ATV

An all terrain vehicle (ATR), Cectek Quardrift comes with a sleek design which will definitely appeal to town dwellers. This quad bike comes powered with a 500 cc engine that can produce 20 horsepower and reach 40mph in just about 5.2 seconds. You can customize the looks of the Quadrift as it comes packed with many accessories.

Urban ATV quad

Designer Angela Martin has designed Urban ATV to suit both urban as well as rural roads. This ATV works on an electric engine, thus it helps commuting in an environment friendly way. Meant for carrying two people, its design and engine provide quick traffic solutions.

Electric Urban Quad Bike

Electric Urban Quad Bike, designed by Emaneul Abba is a bike with a double edged sword. Firstly, it wants to curb traffic on the streets and secondly, it aspires to reduce pollution. For the first purpose, it has created a compact design quad bike and for the second purpose it has been installed with an electric engine.

Road Legal Quad

Designer Gabriel Contino is working to produce an urban quad bike model that will make everyday traveling easier as well as pleasurable. Although quad bikes are meant for off-roading, the smooth looks of this bike will not allow you to take it off the road. The appearance of the bike is subject to various interpretations. To some eyes it might look like a huge monster insect, about to attack and to others it’s authority might be very appealing.


Sebastian Salanova has differentiated his version of the bike by defining more clearly the uses this bike can be put to. It will be suitable for all city purposes like going to college, going to gym, even going to office, picking your kids from school, grocery shopping and all other small travel dependent chores. It comes fitted with GPS and therefore an added advantage for tourists who can hire these small wonders and explore the land.

Bombardier’s EXIT quad bike concept

Fuel efficient, low on carbon emissions, stylish, gen-next, comfortable and affordable are the characteristics that define the personality of Bombardier’s EXIT quad. Also it will have a low output Rotax 4-tec engine. The light weight of this bike can be attributed to its exit design and its sleekness is due to Surrounding Spar Technology (SST).

The GG Quadster

A $65,000 quad bike is expected to have an extra oomph about it given its high price. The GG Quadster, runs on 167 horsepower with a four cylinder K1200 motor. It is fitted with four sticky Dunlop Sportmaxx tyres. In comparison to small car category, this quad bike is slightly longer, but the size is justified due to the heavy bike engine that it uses.

Electric, sustainable Quad Bike

What sets apart this quad bike from its counterparts is that it is made of material that can be easily recycled. Its internal components are also made of plastic and hence it is not only environment friendly because it operates on electricity, but because the whole of it is recyclable.. Operates on an electric motor of 48V and there are four batteries of 750mph each. There is also an emergency recharge system that will use solar energy for charging. It can be easily charged at home by connecting it to 110V-220V power outlet and when fully charged can run continuously for 3 hours.

Electric Quad Bike: Quadriga

Military also wants to make its contribution in environment conservation and is all set to use eco friendly electric quad bikes for various on- road and off- roading operations. TYC Track is the company that will take charge of delivering quad bikes to the military. TYC will also produce a similar version for civilians. A few remarkable specifications of this bike includes automatic gear, LCD display, weight-387kg, a top speed of 40k/h, it can carry weight of one tone and can be customized with spray equipment.

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