Most unique and unusual custom car designs

You might often not come across the unusual designs of cars, however, whenever you do they not only make you turn your head on the road but also linger in your memory for a long time. Some of them will be remembered as the nice art pieces while some others could scare the hell out of even the bravest of guys when they sneak up behind you in the dark. Well, here is a list of some unique and unusual custom designed cars that you will find odd. They’ll mesmerize you or scare the hell out of you.

59 Cadillac

The first one in this wild series is itself named as ‘Wild Cad’. Last year November the Kustoms Motorama and the SEMA show showcased this car, owned by a Harrington Park couple and it won America’s “King of Kustoms” and SEMA’s GM Design Excellence Awards followed by many others. Though it made a limited number of appearances, it got ample amount of fame.

The owners, Colalillo family has made many variations regarding the design of the Cadillac and mostly to the interior and the chassis. Its outer mesmerizing gradiance called PPG Vibrance “Fade-away,” is painted by Gene Winfield. This beautiful piece of customized car is currently on sale at Sacramento Vintage Ford.


“It was the most outrageous, ridiculous car” according to Thom Taylor. His project to transform this vintage model into a beast started in 1990 when he met Steve Anderson who was also interested in customizing cars. This purple colored beauty can generate 400HP with its tuned Chevrolet L-98 350-cid V8 engine. It made a hit when it was publicly revealed. It was unquestionably listed in “Top 100 Hot Rod that Changed the World” by HOTROD. Steve and Mary Barton of Las Vegas, the current owners of the Frankenstude, got the rear suspension changed for an air suspension by the Air Ride Tech­nologies.


Tirezilla, quite a weird name for a car but is very much apt for this customized version of an unknown car. The University of Kansas students made this car a complete art car in an art class. Tirezilla is decorated with a whole junkyard full of tire scraps. It has won the people’s choice in Nebraska Art Car Show in the year 2008.

Leopard print

As we say, “a leopard in the skin of lamb,” you can see it as a car in the skin of leopard. The print is as good as weird. Looks like someone out there is showing all his love for animals by doing crazy things like this.

Zombie Car

This weird disfigured car mod looks like it has been melted down from all over. Its name “Zombie” itself clarifies any doubts about its appearance. There are some small creepy outgrowths in its rear. A game controller is also installed inside the car, and well, when you sit inside it you will really feel like a zombie due to its weird interiors. This car was awarded the title of ‘Unsparing Unique Car’ in 2008 which is said to be a national level title.


The designer of this big honcho, Jason Holmes had graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Industrial Design a couple of years back. Its design is inspired by early 30’s Ford cars which are said to set a class in themselves. Its fully finished interior ensures a comfortable and safe ride to the commuters.

Drivable Ferrari F1

After seeing all that action by their bare eyes or even in a TV set, there might be no one left who didn’t even thought of driving the amazing Ferrari F1. But the cost, speed and its driving-ability of this vehicle kept this thought as thought only. This Ferrari F1 car is a drivable version made of LEGOs. The scaling used to make this car is 1:1 and it was made for the annual LEGO World Convention. It is said to have approximately 80,000 LEGO bricks and at last, a version of the F1 that is drivable.

Grass Car

So you want to turn a corner and finally change your vehicle to an eco friendly vehicle? If you were to take the words environmental’ and green to a literal perception, you might end up with something that will look pretty similar to this. One cannot decide if this practice is green or silly but it looks fabulous combination of tech and nature. May be there are some benefits to do this (like insulating the car somehow) or some creative people got bored and applied an AstroTurf all over the car. Anyway, this is unique and unusual and thus comes under this list.

Bentley SenseS

This is a concept car made by a Spanish car designer, Arthuro Peralta and sponsored by Bentley Motors. The external surface of this car is made of a solid hologram technology that helps the passenger to feel the real emotion of driving a car and from the inside, you can actually see the flow in channels that power the vehicle. Its aerodynamic body is made so to reduce the energy wastage. Moreover, this concept car will be only a concept for coming years because the technology that is said to be used is currently not feasible. It will connect to its driver by genetically engineered attachments, artificial intelligence and biotechnology.


Looking similar in design to the above Bentley SenseS, Vestige is a design concept for Aston Martin. Its white metallic body with the combination of black tinted roof and windows are said to grab a lot of attention on the streets. According to the designers, its design is close to that of Khepri, the Egyptian God. Another interesting feature about this vehicle is its wonderful rims. It is worth to mention that Vestige has four electric motors and a rather powerful Wankel engine installed, featuring its supercharging capabilities.

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