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Unique sculptures made using auto parts

The best alternative to reduce the waste parts that are mere burden on the earth is to recycle them. Recycling is good for the environment and is one of the best ways to protect it. There are many artists who have made efforts to save the environment and have created awesome sculptures from the trash auto parts. “Waste to wealth” turned creations are fabulous and are embedded with the green idea. Here we have a list of such beautiful creations made up of trash auto parts.

Motor cycleman

The amazing motorcycleman or the Robo man was created by the designers at Robo Steel. This awesome sculpture of human is made from the waste motorcycle parts and it took around 750 hours to build it. This sculpture is almost two meters high and is standing aloof at the NEC Motorcycle show.

Recycled bull

Bettye Hamblem Turner, an artist, created an awesome sculpture known as Paladin from outmoded and damaged auto parts. This sizzling sculpture is made up of carbon steel, recycled auto and cluttered stainless steel and stood fifth in the Texas Longhorn Bull series of sculptures. The artist used the hot and cold techniques to mold and recycle the auto parts. As the time flies, the rust may surround the carbon steel and may give new look to the entire sculpture.

The transformer

Nikola Nikolov, a designer of studio Re creation, created a stunning transformer and used the parts of old Lada diva compact. The transformer movie got the designer motivated to create it. This sculpture is a brilliant artwork and looks as a soldier.

James corbett

James Corbett, an artist, created superb sculptures of auto waste that can be used as a decor of your home. The waste auto parts have been used nicely to create the sculptures of animals, bike, birds etc. The artist effectively utilized the waste material properly and ecologically.

Rococo plan

The Rococo Plan by Yii mesmerized the people with its unique art work in the Milan design week of 2011. It is Taiwan design firm and as the Taiwanese are fond of motorbikes, so the waste auto parts of SYM wolf motorcycles were used to create such an amazing art work. The Rococo Plan is a huge and wonderful armory chair. The sculptures can be perceived differently by different people.

Alien Queen

The Robo Steel, an eminent company, has made numerous sculptures using trash auto parts. The Alien Queen model created by them stands out distinctly apart and is a stunning sculpture made up of auto, boat and motorbike parts. It has been polished and welded in a clean and neat manner and is shielded by the lacquer. This wonderful sculpture weighs 10kg and has the length of 45 cm and is worth €180.00.

Robosteel Concept Supercar Sculpture

There are numerous eco friendly artists who strive hard to protect the environment. One of the good ecological and green steps taken by the artists is creating sculptures from trash metal. The designers at Robo Steel made firm effort to create sculptures from waste auto parts and created sizzling concept of super car. This car will have weight of around 500 kg and be made of polished waste auto parts and the lacquer will be applied on the sculpture to defend the car.

Bull sculpture

Armando Ramirez a Mexican artist created majestic rustic brave bull from trash auto parts. This artist used the trashed parts to create sculpture without polishing it and has given the novel look. This awesome sculpture is 13.98 pounds in its weight and the estimated price is $108.70.

Recycled metal sculpture

Krittayakorn Chaijit, an eco friendly artist, has created awesome sculptures from the trash auto parts. She created three wonderful sculptures from recycled metals and the names given to these artworks are the real size metal alien, the climbing metal alien and the metal scorpion. These sculptures are amazing and have the ability to mesmerize people.

Car Part Sculptor

James Corbett is a renowned eco friendly artist and is known to create awesome sculpture from waste auto parts. Each auto part used in the sculptures has its own identity and identification. The trash parts are used as it is and has succeeded to give an awesome look to the sculpture.

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