10 unique home decorating interior design trends

Decoration Trends

Give a fresh new look to your home with the modern interior design trends. These are elegant, stylish, comfortable and equally pleases anyone’s eyes. People have numerous combination that they can pick and choose out of thousands of materials, color and texture available for the interiors. The hottest current trend in modern interior design is the usage of comfortable and warm materials with rich finish. Superior quality wood, plastic, high fiber designs create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.The current modern interiors cut a balance with simplicity and elegance offering exciting and adventurous design trends. You can be at your creative best to make a personalized and interesting interior for your home.

1. Reimagining materials

Reimagining materials

Style need not always cost a fortune. Put on your creative hat and follow the reuse and recycle approach. You can still give your home a personal touch with beautiful things that have been in the attic for some time now. Bike parts can turn into clocks and plastic bags into bowls, colorful clothes stitched into cozy quilts etc. Make your home look gorgeous with simple aspects of recycling.

2. Colors and textures

Colors and textures

Color up your interiors with warm and brilliant colors such as golden yellow, ruby, vivid turquoise and cream. Make it more dazzling combining them with colors such as brown, silver, gray, whites and ivory. Combination of silky fabrics, velvet, and stainless steel make it more eye appealing and interesting. Interesting wall paper patterns with flowers and branches adds beauty and natural look to the walls. Add mirrors, adorable wall papers or crystals help to reflect light into the room. They also offer natural light colors are decorate the interiors in eco-style.

3. Healthy mix-up

Healthy mix-up

Add enigma to your interiors by combining two extreme types of design ideas. Mix up light and dark, new with old, feminine with masculine, ancient with modern to give it your personal touch. Carve out an enviable niche with a healthy mix of interiors which is sure to reflect your personality.

4. Digging gold

Digging gold

Use gold upholstery and make your interiors look decorative and charming. There are also golden furniture finishes that gives a crisp look to your living room. Add more elegance with papier-mâché bowls in golden color. Mirrors, tables and drawers look brilliant with golden edges.

5. Goin’ country

Goin' country

Giving the interiors a country look gives a casual and rustic feel for the furniture. You can include Belgian or the grayed out Gustavian furniture that is sure to give your home an exotic look. Find these ideas Restoration Hardware or Wisteria catalogs. These well-worn woods are bound to stay around for some time.

6. Back to bulb basics

Back to bulb basics

Lighting plays a vital role to match the mood and tone of each room. Use of squirrel cage bulbs, Victorian and the Edison style lights are quite popular due to their charm and exquisiteness. It will transform the beauty of the interiors even though you use them sparingly on decorative light fixtures.

7. Sizing up salon style

Sizing up salon style

Make your walls look more personal with a delightful mix of your favorite antique photographs, paintings and prints. Formal gallery wall with matching frames are a thing of the past. Create an adorable gallery wall of your favorite collection with a mishmash of stunning and colorful pictures to adorn your wall.

8. Toning down hardwoods

Toning down hardwoods

Brighten up the floors using lighter colors for the wooden flooring. The current trend is drifting away from dark colored hard wood floors to lighter shades. Wood such as driftwood is available in two tone color scheme. It gives the floors a unique and a bold appeal.

9. Let it slide

Let it slide

Make more space for privacy and keep the doors ultra modern with sliding doors. They are great space saves and can fit any size. There are different types of sliding doors available, made of glass, wood, metal, mirror or translucent paper. You can mount them either suspend them on track or slide them on roller wheels.

10. A Simple and Elegant Storage Collection

Simple and Elegant Storage Collection

Adams Storage collections have simple yet elegant storage products. It has the chocolate and white color scheme to choose from. It will make a perfect fit to any home and enhance the ambiance. All furniture, including nightstand, drawers and the media console are stunningly elegant, simple and have good style and taste.

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