Unique health monitoring device concepts

In this modern era people have become finickier about their health and fitness. Every day some ideas are developed into new gadgets or tools to reduce health problems. There are many new concepts to eliminate health problems. Following lists shows unique health monitoring devices which will soon become popular among health conscious users.

Health pal

Health pal is an inconspicuous distant health monitoring system. This system is motorized by micro generators that turn warmth and vibrations from human body into electricity. This special system monitors the patients suffering from chronic diseases and the patients suffering from heart diseases sleep disorders, hypertension, epilepsy, post-stroke treated patients etc., and make them active in their social life. The users can get the details of the analysis through their smart phones and personnel computer through Bluetooth and through Wi-Fi to the doctor’s computer. Health pal has many special elements which make it exclusive like a SPO2, EEG, ECG sensors.

Epilation Device Concept

Now your health conditions are analyzed while on work through “Heartbeat Indicator mouse.” This new innovative idea of mouse, detects the health situation through sensors embedded in the mouse when touched by the users. This mouse can be used to get information at regular intervals via cell phones, for the users finickier about their health.

Nokia Eco Sensor concept

Now your mobile phone can detect your health and local environment. The Nokia Eco Sensor concept is designed by Nokia research center and is supported by Nokia. Through this imaginary concept the user can be well conscious of their health and environment with the use of mobile phones. The sensing device in the cell phone would help to make you conscious about your health and your surroundings.

Gluco(M) Wristband

To detect your blood glucose level a sleek and stylish wristband will be soon used. This band can read the glucose level and stores previous readings and has an insulin chamber with syringe sealed unit. The Gluco (M) Wristband is a concept with Reverse lontophoresis technology and through sensors containing electric current, it collects glucose samples. On the back-lit LED display of the band, readings are shown.

MP3 player with heart monitor

While listening to the melodious songs, you can also monitor your heart and remain healthy. In this concept the chest strap is worn under the user’s clothes and it keeps a track on the heart rate which further passes the information to hand held piece. The diminutive MP3 player is handy and easily manageable.

Stix Phone Cancept

In this modern era everybody is fastidious about their body and fitness. The novel concept of Stix Phone designed by Cyrene Quiamco leads the user towards healthy and active life. This cell phone is attached to a belt and is charged through kinetic energy. Stix phone concept will help to burn calories to maintain proper shape and size.

Beat Workout Watch

Beat Workout Watch is an awesome watch that would boost up the delight of running. This splendid watch would help you to know heart rate, time and distance while running. It is connected to your shoes, heart and finger through wireless connections. A USB jack is embedded into the watch band to give details of data and music.

Health Guard Concept

With age, the mental status of elderly people starts declining. Health Guard Concept is a marvelous concept for the elderly by monitoring the basic information like medicine, nutritional details, their consumption, etc. a touch screen display and slide of numerous icons are used to make health guard easy to use. It has other marvelous function of voice reminder and memo pad functions.

Vitals Monitoring Systems

Vital Monitoring system would be a great help to the medical staff to observe the patients. It is designed by Dan Bishop, to measure body temperature, blood pressure and the pulse rate. It helps the doctor to take care of numerous patients at the same time.

Health Monitor

This stunning bracelet contains all details as in smart phones and PDA. This is a smart device that uses many technologies to monitor health and personnel details.

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