Trendy Star Wars themed gadgets for the geeky

Star Wars was the most popular fiction of the yesteryear most of us have grown up watching with. Thus, the characters, toys, instruments, electronic gadgets and computer peripherals that we come across in our every day life will be more exciting of they resemble the different characters, arms and ammunition and weapons used in Star Wars. When, on one hand, the functional aspects of these geeky gadgets are unparalleled, the aesthetic qualities make them treasures to be stored in the collection of valuables. Here are ten such gadgets inspired by the Star Wars that you will definitely love to collect:

R2-D2 Home Video Projector

Video projectors are essential gadgets that are indispensable if you wish you make a home theater of your own. While there are lots of video projectors sold in the market, this one will definitely remind you of the Star Wars. This video projector, named as R2-D2 Home Video Projector, resembles a robot. The silver colored metallic exterior with royal blue color combination makes this projector extremely attractive. It can be operated by means of a remote controller. The most interesting part of this is that this Millennium Falcon remote control looks like the space ship you might have often seen in Star Wars. The video projector has an in built DVD/CD player, slots for inserting memory cards and an iPod dock. But the bad part of the story is that only 4,000 such video projectors will be launched exclusively in the European market. Thus, you need to rush for your own.

Millennium Falcon PC

This PC from Millennium Falcon will again remind you of Star Wars. The disc-like structure of this gadget makes it resemble an UFO you have probably seen in Star Wars. The gadget comprises of a powerful LED light that flashes and fades and emits different colors. The working of the hard drive is clearly visible through the number of holes in the hull, which also has a light emitting indicator. There are options of sufficient cooling too, so that the device does not get extremely heated due to prolonged hours of working.

Light Sabers

This gadget will surely keep you awestruck and you cannot help imagining of the laser weapons that were used during the cosmic fights of Star Wars. The Laser Saber is a licensed instrument of LucasFilm. This innovative toy has an elongated, tubular structure that lights up from the bottom to the top and emits light and sound of different types and intensity. The crash of one saber with another when your kids play with Laser Saber will emit the sound of explosion. It is available in different models too.

Millenium Falcon Wii Mod

This unique kitchen gadget reflects the level of creativity of the designer. A Nintendo Wii was coupled with a toy model of the Millennium Falcon, you have seen in Star Wars. It looks more like a playstation than a toaster and you must bag it.

R2-D2 Watch

This Star Wars inspired wrist watch that looks like a geeky multifunctional gadget. This is a mini dummy of the Star Wars famed Artoo, the astromech android. This unconventional gadget has buttons that beep and chirp and what’s more, it walks on your wok desk when you ask it to do so.

Darth Vader Wall Clock

You will definitely love to bring in this astounding Star Wars inspired wall clock. At a first glance you will find that it is the masked head of Darth Vaders, the character from your popular show. Made by Wesco Limited of England, it features two glaring red eyes, 6 inches tall height and sound effects. It must be powered by three AAA batteries.

Mini LED Flashlight – Light Sabers

Another geeky gadget on the way, inspired by the Darth Vaders lightsaber, this key-chain is also the brainchild of Wesco Lmited of England. The three inches long metallic body attached to the key ring emits a red LED light that resembles the laser fire of light saber. So, it is more likely that your kid or any junior member of your house will snatch it from you as you bring it home.

Star Wars Characters Flash Drives

If you are a Star Wars fan, then you must be acquainted with Mimoco, the cute looking robots. But, those who do not have ideas of Mimoco then take it as a USB port you will love to treasure. It is different in the sense that each of these USB ports is human like figure that is beautifully decorated and has different styles and fashions. Now, for the Star War fans, start collecting the monobots, Han Solo; the overconfident being, Princess Leia; the suspicious lady, Luke Skywalker; the soldier, Darth Wader or Stormtrooper, the antagonists, Boba Fett; the brave hunter, and the list will goes on. These USB devices have 4GB storage capacity and come with amusements like screensavers, avatars, sound bytes, etc.

Pink Floyd, The Wall PC Mod

The die hard rock fans can bring life back to their work station by virtue of this Pink Floyd The Wall PC Mod.. It will add the much sought after touch to your PC cabinet if you always dream of Pink Floyd. The bricked design, the emblems, the hammers, all of these will remind you of the album, The Wall by Pink Floyd. The gadget is actually a modified CPU unit that functions just like a conventional CPU. The difference lies in its looks. The jet black base of the device has brick layered structure at the front, through which you are supposed to insert your CDs and DVDs. A replica hammer, hitting the head portion of the device attracts attention. You can see the CD rom from top that features a semi transparent, red cover and twin two dimensional hammers placed in a crisscross fashion.


The computer designers are now working towards modifying the conventional systems and NVIDIA Wheel is a forerunner of the idea. This PC looks like a wheel and have features like NVIDIA graphics card, LED screen and chrome muffler tips. The alloy wheel PC has also been equipped with bake disc, red caliper, 512 MB memory, picoPSU and motherboard and processor of EPIA SP13000 LVDS, so that the functions of a computer are never compromised with.

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