Touchscreen tables for multimedia professionals

Technology is ever-changing and every time a high end device hits the market, it becomes obsolete in a short period of time. The pace at which technology is moving can be easily determined by frequent arrivals of better and upgraded machines. No matter, technology is evolving in a sophisticated manner; it is actually simplifying our lives. Talking of that, the so-called space-age interactive tables are way to go. They are interactive, smooth in operation, ensure comfort and will certainly woo you with their creative designs. They are every multimedia creator’s dream to work with, especially with their ease of handling complex user interfaces. Here’s a list of ten touchscreen tables for multimedia professionals:

MagixTouch Table

TouchMagix Media is a proud launcher of the world’s thinnest interactive table, the MagixTouch Table. The fact that the table consumes 60 percent less power than other table-top computers accounts for its incomparable efficiency without compromising on its operation in high ambient light. It comes with a simple customization application suite and around 40 simultaneous touch points. It operates at 50 frames per second scan rate without any calibration and supports Apple Mac Mini operating system. The technical specifications include a hard disk drive of 350 GB, 4 GB RAM and Nvidia 9400M graphics.It can work equally well on Windows 7 platform along with four USB 2.0 ports. In addition to the FireWire 800 slot, it also has the option for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. With a lot of convenience in usage that it offers, it will find its application from homes to hospitals and shopping malls.With a lot of convenience in usage that it offers, it will find its application from homes to hospitals and shopping malls.

moJo iCuisine touchscreen tables:

moJo iCuisine touch screen tables are an epitome of ultimate dining sophistication. You would not have to wait for the waiter to bring along a physical menu-card and take your order. Rather, you will do it yourself over the touch screen selecting and ordering your favorite food items. It’s just few touches of your finger on the screen which shows a projected menu and there you go. The interface can be viewed from both the opposite directions of the table so that you and your accompanying partner may select their orders individually.

T3-Touch Table Top

Digital Touch has proposed design for T3-Touch Table Top which is yet to hit the market. It’s basically a multi-touch table that allows the user to view content on screen irrespective of the user’s position. It supports dual touch and features a receipt printer, credit card reader and even a TV tuner. You may play games, do chat between tables or use the DJ song request application for your amusement.

Microsoft Touch screen Tables version 2.0

The Next generation touch screen tables 2.0 announced by Microsoft have a surface that responds to 50 simultaneous touch point making it better than the previous versions by Microsoft in 2008. The interface allows many people to multitask at the same time. The technology with which the table is able to recognize or rather ‘sense’ objects kept on its surface is called PixelSense. Organizations who want to attract customers by advertising their product will be greatly benefited by this technology.

Sony atracTable:

It seems that Sony is not behind any company in giving the best of technologies to the market. Sony atracTable, a 35-inch, touchscreen, full-HD screen device features a touch interaction technology which is going to be gesture-controllable. By the term, gesture-controllable it means that the device would recognize body movements and perform functions as commanded. Not only this, it would be able to interact with any other device including mobile devices too. Its ability to predict user’s age, sex and emotional status is what sets it apart.

Displax Oqtopus All-in-One Multitouch Table:

It’s a portable all-in-one multi-touch table based on Microsoft Windows 7 which is capable of detecting four independent touches all on a 42-inch LCD HD touch screen. Additionally, it can detect up to four people writing on the same surface simultaneously. It lets users enjoy full touch functionality of Windows 7 along with providing a platform for entertainment purposes. A basic model would cost around 4,500 Euros.

The MT55 Platform:

New in the league of Ideum’s touchscreen furniture is the MT55 Platform which has a 55 inch LED-backlit LCD HD multi-touch screen. Its technical specifications include 32 touch points, 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 178 degree viewing angle to ensure a wider-angle readability by multiple users and Windows 7 64-bit operating system. The hardware is equipped with Core i5 560M processor operating on 2.66GHz, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet sets the connection and its cost starts from $18,000.

BendDesk full on Multitouch:

Bendesk is a unique solution to multi-touch which is designed by using two surfaces aligned at right angles to each other making a curve at their joint. It makes up an interactive work space where you can view digital contents like photos, documents and videos. It is gesture controlled and uses a virtual keyboard for input.

Evoluce 47-inch HD Multitouch table:

If multi-touch gesture controlled tables were surprising enough, then you must check out the 47-inch HD Multitouch table manufactured by Evoluce. The interactive table allows gesture-control from up to half a meter from the device. It runs on Windows 7 platform and features a 3-D depth sensing technology. Its direct and intuitive surface allows ease in interaction with multiple applications including games and videos.

The MemTable:

MemTable is an intelligent device that keeps record of your physical and digital input from the meetings you attend. It can easily sync with Google wave with the help of internet connectivity. Thus, you can record the entire session of an important conference or meeting including essential notes penned down or spoken and view them later for reference.

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