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Hi-tech motion sensing devices for hands free comfort

Using hands free devices is truly a luxury and comfortable experience. Be it in a room, work place or at leisure, these gadgets do make life easier. With the advent of technology and modern advancement, these hands free gadgets have become an essential in these days of multi tasking. Hands free mobile phones were the very first such devices to hit the market. This technology has crept into almost all the areas of daily life such as lights, computer mouse and so on. Below are some of the interesting hands free gadgets.

Motion-Sensing LED Lights

How many times have you felt annoyed to turn on the lights at night during an emergency or even just a walk to the fridge to grab that favorite snack? Motion-sensing LED lights effectively helps by putting on the lights simply by sensing the movement in a room. The lights come on when somebody walks up or down the room and stays on for a specific number of seconds before they go off. It is quite ideal to be installed in bathrooms, kitchen and hallways. These lights are battery powered and also run on AC / DC power. These lights can be installed on a wall or a ceiling with its magnets which are strong enough to hold the units. They also come with screws for wall mounting.

Playstation Move

Playstation Move by Sony with movement sensor makes the game all the more exciting and interesting. It lets the gamers interact with the game through movement by sensing the movement made by the gamer. Playstation Move comes with a camera that is placed on top of the set which effectively helps in tracking the movements. It is also equipped with inbuilt accelerometer and gyroscope to establish the position and the speed of the user’s movement. It also comes with a secondary controller which can be used to play games.

Gyration Air Mouse

Do away with endless clicks to track the mouse on the computer screen with the Gyration Air Mouse. With this smart mouse, the user needs to just make wrist movements either up/down or side to side to navigate on the computer screen. This mouse connects to the laptop or desktop using the 2.4GHz wireless radio. It comes with a nifty USB receiver module which can snugly fit into the cavity when not in use. This mouse is quite compact and does not need drivers for installation. Operate the laptop or computer normally by simply pressing a button that is below the mouse.

PSP Go motion-sensing controller

PSP Go by Sony is a handheld video game player that uses flash drive instead of storage hardware. This allows the users to download music, video and songs using its wireless capability. PSP Go is significantly smaller and lighter than the PSP 3000. This player costs about $249 and comes with 16 gigabytes of memory that can be extended up to 32GB using a memory stick micro. PSP Go supports blue tooth connectivity which helps to connect with Bluetooth enabled cell phones. It has a 3.8 inch LCD screen with sliding mechanism.

Motion sensing light switch

Motion sensing light switch is a boon for those people who often forget to switch off the lights when leaving a room. It is not just an effective light switch but also helps to save electricity to a large extent. This light switches off the light when it senses no movement in the room. This neat switch is compact and does not need frilly wires for installation. User the timer in the light switch to define the seconds after which the lights should be switched off whenever there is no motion or activity in the room.

Microsoft’s Kinect Motion-Sensor

Double the gaming fun with Microsoft’s Kinect which senses the motion with two cameras. One is a basic web-cam and the other is an infrared sensor to track the body movement and translate it into the three dimensional space. It senses side to side as well as front to back intrinsic body movements. Have terrific fun with this gizmo that translates the motion in 1:1 with the on screen action. It is great to play games as well to keep fit with great exercises that come with Kinect. The game senses where the body is and the sensor responds to even things like side steps and forward lunges.

Fake security camera with motion detector

Shoo the thieves away using the fake security camera. These are dummy camera acting as surveillance cameras. These are placed at strategically to ward off intruders with wrong intentions. These are inexpensive security systems that can be used in place of highly expensive surveillance systems. It also has flashing lights and a motor that gives a real effect of pan-tilting motion. It follows the motion of the intruder and blinks the inbuilt light. This is sure to annoy the intruders to keep away from the house.

Dream Beam

Get your kids to play hopscotch without the messy chalk drawings on the side walk. Dream Beam by Hye-Lim Jeon is a projection device. This projects any image on the playing surface either indoors or outdoors. The laser projector in the device projects the image on the surface with the game cartridge is inserted the device. This a great start to play traditional olden games but one need not stop at this. Encourage the kids to play newly designed games as well with this free-standing mobile device.

The Mutewatch

Appearances are truly deceptive with the Mutewatch. This simple looking plastic bracelet is highly modernistic with its cool features. Tap the center of the band to know the time. Set the time of the alarm or the current time by simply tapping the screen. And pinch the watch display to deactivate the alarm. Reduce the volume of the alarm clock with certain moves. The motion sensor in the watch strengthens or weakens the vibrations of the watch. This ultra modern watch is available in red, gray and white colors.

Scoop Pointer

Scoop Pointer functions similar to the Air Mouse. It is a hand held mouse which senses the motion and functions like a TV remote. It has powerful 6-axis motion control, 3-axis digital magnetometer, 3-axis digital gyroscope and 3-axis digital accelerometer that promise a better movement experience while working on the laptop or computer monitor or TV. It provides greater speed and flexibility in accessing menu or data using online or offline applications.

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