Suitcases that do more than just carrying your load

Traveling with bulky luggage often becomes tedious, taking the breath out of travelers. Though the introduction of wheels to the suitcases has given some respite to the travelers, still the designers have been trying to create some out-of-the-ordinary suitcases to ease your load and ensure a happy journey. Have a look at some of the high-tech, strange yet interesting suitcase designs that promise to reduce unnecessary burden from your shoulders.

NEXUS switcase/scooter

The NEXUS electric powered switcase/scooter by Argentine designer Francisco Lupin is designed for short travels inside the airports, though you won’t mind it taking outside too. The switcase features 18 lts of physical space and can support users weighing up to 110 kg. It has two front wheels that are moved by two electric engines. A built-in pack of four 12 V batteries offers the owner two hours of usage. Read more

Smart Bag

Reducing the burden from young shoulders, the “Smart Bag” is an ergonomic school bag that turns into a storage trolley and mini scooter to take kids on a fun ride. The multifunctional object comes with a good storage capacity as it provides compartments for files, books, stationery, water bottle, etc. Read more

Business Scooter Bag

The “Business Scooter Bag” is a luggage with difference that moves your stuff with ease while letting you have a fun ride. Combining a suitcase from Samsonite and a scooter from Micro Mobility together, the mobile luggage apart from other things also carries your gadgets, including your laptop, safely throughout the journey. Read more

Suitcase Folding Bicycle

Suitcase Folding Bicycle not only lets you enjoy the bike ride but also drives your luggage safely back home. Featuring foam-free high inflatable tires that are completely free from leakage problems and a built-in speaker system, the Suitcase Folding Bicycle comes with folding pedal and handle design. Read more

Solar Rucksack

To maintain the bodily warmth of users in icy conditions, designers Kim Jangwoon, Lee Youngmin, Jung Soonho and Namgung Mina have come up with an innovative solution. The team has developed a backpack concept that will keep you from dying from the cold in harsh weather conditions. The solar rucksack incorporates solar panels on its outer surface that trap in solar energy and converts it to thermal energy. Read more

Chair Suitcase

The Chair Suitcase transforms into a chair when you feel like taking a break on the move. This is most likely a concept for now but, it would definitely set you back some good bucks when it comes for real. Read more

The Suitcase Bike

This one is unique and I really find it hard to believe my eyes. Straight from China, this is a suitcase-cum-bike. When this thing was shown as a concept, no one would have ever thought of it to get into production. But now, this bike suitcase has gone into production. A prototype of the bike was on display last week at the Canton Fair in China. Read more

The Rolling Knapsack Chair

Check out the $80 Rolling Knapsack that unfolds a comfortable chair for short rest while traveling. Intended especially to transports cold or hot food, the knapsack also presents a telescoping handle, a foam handgrip and two solid rubber wheels for ease of portability. The plastic seat is attached to a steel frame that can bear up to 300 lbs with ease. Read more

Motorised Suitcase Concept

Designer Pouyan Mokhtarani’s baby buggy contains a LED screen so you can gurgle and babble away at your baby from a distance, lest you pick up diseases from it, and the air purification unit ensures your baby breathes nothing but the cleanest oxygen. Read more


Designer Gilli Kuchik has designed a dual-purpose ladies handbag, which also doubles up as a trolley. The handbag can be conveniently held and chosen to turn into a trolley in case you are carrying something heavy. This could be of special use to women who travel a lot. Read more

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