10 self sufficient futuristic houses

In this modern era people are aware of the environmental threats. With growth of the economy, sustainable homes have become crucial for modern living. Now people are seeking for more energy saving products. In fact, eco friendly houses have become necessity for people all around the world. Many designers have designed such houses while keeping the ecological factors in mind. Following are some of the most sustainable houses:

1. Komb House

Komb house

Karin Rashid has designed Komb House keeping in mind the ecological ideas. This cave like house is eco friendly and is embedded with solar geezers, energy savers appliances, pluvial and gray water recyclers, low energy LED lightening and raised gleaming flooring. The material used in house can be reused and the constructional organization can be disassembled.

Both the interior and exterior of the scintillating cave is well designed. The exterior shield is made of wood fins placed at different angles to give fluid and vibrant quality to the wall. While viewing from outside the interior facade of the dwindling cannot be seen, hence the privacy is maintained in the house. The interior of the dwindling comprises of four main room, that is living room, bathroom, bedroom and dining room. The skylight and a center pool are located in the central room. The skylight opening is the main source of controlling the temperature of the house and capturing rain water, which further gets filtered by the pool. An artistic sculpture runs through wind, is situated on the top to supply energy to home. The floor of rooms comprises of the multi colored disc flooring and low VOC emission material carpet. An exotic couch and a light hanging chandelier on the living room make it vibrant and glowing and create sense of community. In the corner of the room, study area with a chair and fiber glass table is situated.

2. Zero House


Scott Specht has designed a modern eco friendly dwelling known as Zero House. It is a 650 square-feet home and is designed on helical-anchor foundation system. It produces its own electricity, collects water and recycles waste products automatically. Hibernate mode is its key feature of power conservation. This awesome green house comprises of two bedrooms, bathroom, a living room and a kitchen/dining room with air conditioners and heaters. The house can sustain for one week without sunlight due to its good back up solar batteries. According to surveys, the price of house would revolve around $350,000.

3. Colossal Eco-House

Colossal Eco-House

Clossal Eco-House is the first zero carbon green house of Andalusia, Spain. This dwelling is 80% more efficient and is made up of 2/3 less waste as compared to the traditional models. Clossal Eco-House covers an area of about 7,000 square feet. It has a special feature of solar roof to capture maximum energy. There is enough space between the roofs, ensuring air passage and cooling effect of the house. For cooling effect a 12 inch deep canal of water, in main living area is also effective. The tanks situated in the basement helps in the grey water recycling. Geo thermal energy is used for cooling and heating system.

4. Next-gen Eco Home

Next-gen eco home

Completely embedded in a glass frame, Next-gen Eco Home is like a green house and is designed by the researchers from the University of Berlin. The material used in its construction and display can be recycled and disassembled. It has a stunning feature of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal system, o provide the house with energy. The extra power generated is fed into public electricity network and energy is saved. This house project is a complete energy saver, which will be liked by all.

5. Dome House

Dome House

Designed by Patrick Marsilli for Domespace Home, the Dome House is a marvelous eco friendly house that can rotate at 360 degrees and can extract maximum sunlight by the solar panels located on the roof. 90% of the house is made up of eco friendly products like cork and FSC certified wood. Its security features of enduring hurricanes and earthquakes make it special from others.

6. R House


This eco friend house by Michael Jantzen is featured as a small holiday destination. It is made up sustainable Accoya, a non toxic tree. To generate power, it has vertical axis wind turbines. It is installed with Photovoltaic solar cells and has a rain collecting system. Natural gas like Hydrogen and propane is used for heating and natural ventilation is used for cooling.

7. UT Knoxville

UT Knoxville  self-sufficient house

The Team Tennessee Living Light designed a perfect energy efficient house with the latest eco friendly innovations. Under this project the house is embedded with solar systems to produce energy for this house. This house will be powered with 800sf and will be created on the National Mall in Washington DC.

8. Self Sufficient house Living Cell by Iana Kozak

Self sufficient house

Architect Iana Kozak designed a naturalistic self sufficient house, which will be built in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. This five-house will be embarked on the organic branch. The outer skin of the house will be made up of natural cellulose fibers. To create social zone, the houses will be placed on groups. There will be renewable energy, recycling of water and the degeneration of the body of the house.

9. Self sufficient futuristic housing concept by Charles L Owen

Self-sufficient futuristic house

Charles L Owen has designed futuristic housing concept for the year 2050. The house will be small sized and according to the global environment. It will be presented with nano-technological walls and project natural scenery. The house will recycle water and generate solar energy. In this changing world, this house is the best design for the future.

10. Reboot: Victor Vetterlein’s futuristic, self-sufficient house


Victor Vetterlein designed Reboot concept, keeping in mind energy efficiency. In this house all the renewable sources are integrated to make it self sufficient. The minimal ground penetration and the weather protection facilities make the concept dynamic and lively.

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