Study table designs to sustain extended sessions

Study tables form an essential part of a student’s daily life. On an average a student spends at least 10 hours a day crouched over the table. Ergonomics have been largely ignored in the case of these students’ comfort, but these ten study table designs promise to ensure that your wonder kid is relaxed while solving his harrowing maths homework. While some of them are essentially study tables, most of these offerings are meant for anyone who wants to unwind on a workstation with a book or simply laze around.

Children Ergonomic desk

Stretch Now has designed a Children Ergonomic desk which grows with your child. This customized study desk can adjust its height with its lift technology, and its ergonomics ensures right postures for performing a range of activities including drawing, writing, or reading. The desk is also supported by a braking system which prevents it from falling when completely released. It also has other customized goodies like flexible monitor shelf, pencil sharpener and even a book holder.

Land Peel

Check out Japanese design student Shin Yamashita’s version of a multipurpose piece of furniture! The Land Peel is an urban marvel and it morphs into a seat, a table and a lounge floor mat just by adjusting itself. Whether you’re chilling out watching television, reading a book, or just lounging, the Land Peel opens up to your needs and also folds up when you’re not using it.

Writen Desk

Ekateryna Sokolova and Sokolov Nikolay have designed a delectable full-leather study desk, armed with containers for stationery and even a lamp. The Writen desk is a piece worth keeping.

360 by FAK3

This might have come straight out of a Bond flick. The brainchild of Johnny Wong and Miho Hirabayashi, this cabinet goes fully 360 and serves as a station for study, recreation and dining, and who knows what else. There’s even storage space on its sides and bearing strong enough to set up a television. This spinning wonder at your fingertip will transform the rest of its surrounding.

Tok and Study

This could be your child’s secret fantasy. Helder Filipov and Diego Silverio have carved up a furniture design that allows kids to read on the bed, instead of the stiff furniture. Well parents might not agree, but these designers have ensured the structure doesn’t distract or spoil your child’s posture. This contraption leaves out the worry of slouching anywhere else and can be pulled away when not in use.

Also Chair

It’s a chair which is also a table, or a table which is also a chair. The reading armchair of the AlsoChair flips ninety degrees and turns into a study table and is built keeping in mind a teen’s cramped room.The back of the armchair also has a neat bookcase.

Meizze Table

This design is perfect for spaces which cannot hook up a desk and computer table together. Like most integrated designs, the Meizze Table opens up as a study table and throws up ample space for notebooks and other miscellany. The minimal design seems like a great bet for ones who like to spread out and study, while maintaining an ambiance of concentration.

Kids Work

Another multipurpose offering from French designer Ora Ito, and suggestively named ‘Kids Work’, the molded plywood study table is light, and meant to educate children about sustainable living. The workstation also comes with a paper roll underneath the writing desk which feeds paper through a slot.


If you want a clutter-free workstation with ample space for a couple or more people to occupy it, then this is for you. Hui-Chin Lai has packed the Workcenter with drawers and a concealing design to keep you free from the sight of tangled wires.

Rewrite Workstation

Rewrite is for the teleporter in you. This concave shield-like desk disconnects you from the rest of your surroundings. It’s a neat and secluded choice for users who like to ‘carve’ their own space while working, reading and thinking.

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