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Startling LED watch concepts for the stylish

With the advent of modern electronic technology, LED watches with great looks and designs are out in the market nowadays. Unlike the conventional analog ones, the digital LED watches are much more slim and sleek. Moreover, they are much more energy efficient and low power consuming gadgets when compared to analog watches. The LED watches are often equipped with multifunctional gadgets such as the chronograph, FM radio, compass, GPS and so on. Following are 10 excellent models of LED watches you would want to wear.

Flying Watch

This watch has been designed by a French designer Patrick. The design gives a feel of some extra terrestrial element with brilliant LED lights distributed instead of numeric digits. There is a semi-spherical push button at the center of the watch to activate the clock for time viewing. Multiple presses on the push button results in different functions of the watch. You can also activate and view the clock by pushing the button with your cheeks or against your shirt, if your other hand is engaged. The LED lights follow a randomly animated display pattern before the watch tells you the exact time. The overall look of the watch is like that of an UFO which makes it very stylish and smart to look at.

Four Dials LED Watch Design

This unique LED watch model is inspired by the speedometers of racing cars. The LED lights glow up in an incremental order exactly as that in a car speedometer. There are four displays in the watch. The first two indicate the month and hour, while the second two indicate the minute, day and day of the week. The time display pattern can be swapped between AM/PM or 24 hours modes. Besides, there is a background LED for lighting up the dials in the dark. The wrist band of this watch is adjustable in length with a lock so that you can adjust it according to the shape of your wrist.

Convex LED Watch Concept

This is another model by designer Patrick of France which adjusts very well as per the shape of your wrist. This one is also a multi LED light display model which gets activated by a specific movement pattern of the wrist. This function can also be performed by another dedicated button. The LED lights are programmed to give an animated display before the precise time is shown. Multiple time activation movements of the wrists show other modes such as the date and day of the week. The watch band also has a click lock system which can be unfastened and rotated through 90 degrees in order to open the watch from your wrist. Moving your wrist in a specific pattern disturbs a predefined internal balance and the clock shows you the precise time.

Virtual Tunnel LED Watch Design

This is a sleek model put forward by Sam from Germany. This watch uses a series of 60 LED lights. The designer has used two mirrors to make it appear that the center of the watch is hollow. Well this hole is a virtual one and made by the use of reflection of light. The hours are indicated by the Green LEDs while the minutes by the Blue ones. The space between the hour and the minute LEDs are covered by a brilliant gradient from Green to Blue. Rest of the display remains lit in white. This is indeed a brilliant model and sure to rock the market when launched.

Nested Digits in an LED Watch Design

This watch has been designed by Logan from USA. It is always on LCD display with adjustable colors of the LED lights. The watch displays the time in a three layered nested format. The outermost layers signifies the hour, the middle one signifies the tens of minutes and the innermost one signifies the single minutes. Though the model is a complex one, it is still stylish and sleek.

Skyline LED Watch Concept

Designed by Patrick from France, this watch forms an excellent bracelet. This one is for the people who prefer LED watches with a metal body. The number of LED lights used in this model is minimum making it energy efficient and simple to read the time. Similar to all the other models put forward by Patrick, this one also shows an animation of the LEDs before showing what time it is. This watch is available in two colors. One is black with multicolored LED lights while the other is silver with blue LEDs. This watch also has different patterns of LED which distinctly indicate hour, minutes, month, date and day of the week.

Electronic LED Watch Concept

The electronic LED watch has been designed by Genghis from France. As the name suggests, this one is inspired by electronic printed circuit boards. The LEDs are laid in the pattern of the electronic circuitry which produces different patterns to indicate the time. The time can be viewed by touching the screen of the watch anytime. The watch displays three different patterns of circles in different parts of the screen which has distinct meanings. The uppermost portion indicates the hour, the lower left 5 circles indicate the ten minutes while the lower right circles indicate the single minutes. The band is made of polyurethane and it looks very stylish owing to the continuous lines running throughout the band from the display circles on the screen.

LED Watch by Hiranao Tsuboi

This is a faceless LED watch model designed by Hiranao Tsuboi. Normally this one looks like a simple silver bracelet. But there are LED lit seven segment displays hidden inside the folds of this bracelet, which give out a red glow and tell you the time on demand. This is an ultramodern and smartly designed watch available in the shades of black, silver and ultra marine.

Madokadoke Bracelet with Hidden LED Watch

This is another model of a bracelet which actually hides an LED watch inside it. This beautiful bracelet LED watch has been designed by Ross McBride. The bracelet which is available in various shades can be changed into a timepiece anytime you like. On pressing a specific button, the LED display lights up from the nooks of the bracelet’s design and tells you the time. This model is meant for those people who don’t want to stare at the time always and at the same time want to make their watches fashionable to wear.

Kaleidoscope Watch Concept

This LED watch has been designed by Andy from Ukraine. It is inspired by the view of a kaleidoscope. The screen has a chaotic pattern of kaleidoscopic display which has the time hidden in it. There are two ways to read the time from this watch. The first one is the easiest. The watch has an inbuilt stencil which can slide down to the LED display and makes the time reading easy. The next way is to slide the stencil up and read the time from the chaotic and confusing kaleidoscopic display. This watch comes with a maroon strap and a gray dial which makes it quite attractive and stylish.

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