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Most of the men are passionate about riding bikes. Whenever a new brand hits the market, they are eager to gather all its details and purchase it. If you love riding bikes too, you can never restrain yourself from riding one of the spokeless bikes that yo

10 spokeless bike designs to ride you in style

Britten electric motorbike concept

Most of the men are passionate about riding bikes. Whenever a new brand hits the market, they are eager to gather all its details and purchase it. If you love riding bikes too, you can never restrain yourself from riding one of the spokeless bikes that you have probably not come across till date.

Your passion for bikes will be enhanced further when you see these bikes. These special bikes are characterized by speed, durability, and have stunning looks and colors. Here is a list of ten such spokeless bikes you can choose from:

1. 2020 Harley-Davidson hubless concept

Harley-Davidson hubless concept

This model of bike, developed at the Milwaukee based company, looks more of an imagination than a real bike, due to its unthinkably stunning looks and features. Designed by Miguel Cotto, this bike is characterized by hubless wheels that make it different from the common bikes. Together with this, the air cooled engine and other extended features makes it the most implausible concept bike of 2010. The above image is the designer’s vision of the bike ten yeas from now.

2. Hubless monster bike

Hubless monster bike

The quest of bike fans to have new bikes has led to the discovery of this monster bike by the designers at Amen Design. This spokeless bike is inspired from spokeless wheels of Franco Sbarro. It is light weight due to its flanked out chopper and spokeless structure. This curbs the vibration while driving and also makes the turning of the steering smooth. Once you see this bike, you will be mesmerized by its looks and design. But do not expect road efficiency similar to that of a conventional bike.

3. Swordfish


Although spokeless bikes remain in the concept stage so far, but the Swordfish, designed by the Italian designer, Alexanderc Kotlyarevsky is a step ahead of them. Designers are working on the project to launch this spokeless bike in the market soon. Along with hubless lightweight wheels, it also features a neat and clean look, curved body and glossy finish on the wheels.

4. Hubless motorcycle looks like a cursing version of 2010 Honda V4

Futuristic hubless motorcycle concept

This bike is still in the concept stage and is yet to hit the roads. The design is conceived by Anthony Gargia. It is said to satisfy the customers by its excellent efficiency on the road as well as the attractive appearance. Though the idea appears too hyped, but only time can judge how far it justifies its claim.

5. Britten electric motorbike concept

Britten electric motorbike concept

Kiwi designer Selwyn Shadbolt developed the spokeless bike, named ‘Britten VI000E’, which is inspired by the original V1000. It promises a greater performance and steering control to the rider due to its lighter weight. The smooth curves and compact structures are made from moldings of polyethylene. It is designed to generate power from a single large capacity electric engine.

6. Buell Blade motorbike

spokeless bike

One can identify the features of an American bike by looking at this spokeless concept vehicle. It has been designed by Brad Mitchell gathering inspirations from the brand Buell. The futuristic design aims at providing full coverage of the shaft-diving portion and the front forks. The external appearance also features a light weight structure, reduced front fairing and high tail portion.

7. Poschwatta motorcycle concept

Poschwatta motorcycle concept

This revolutionary yet rational concept of hubless bike has been conceived by a German designer, Poschwatta. This bike generates power from the ankle engine and is characterized by light weight due to spokeless wheels, sleek, and stylish body and a smooth driving experience.

8. Lamborghini inspired bike

Lamborghini inspired bike runs on Osmos wheels

Inspired by Marcello Gandini, the chief designer of Bertone, Osmos wheel and Lamborgini Countach, this is another spokeless bike concept and is named as ‘Lamborbike’. Designer Flavio says that it will have the sleek looks and the power similar to the Lamborgini.

9. Zero Moto electric motorbike

electric concept motorcycle

‘Zero Motto’ is designed by Wes Rhoad, keeping in mind the features of At Deco Steam Locomotives. It will be powered by electric motors that is installed in the area of the the front and rear wheels. It also promises to give good steering control. When there is a need for quick lane change, the front and rear wheels turn in the same direction. But, in order to decrease the radius of turning while at normal speed, the wheels rotate opposite to each other. It is also equipped with a computerized monitor to plot the torque control. This zero emission bike has LED headlight strips, turn signals and an LED touch screen to exhibit speed. It promises to cover a distance of about 200 miles and has a top speed of 90 mph.

10. Motorbike concept clad in carbon fiber

julian silva concept motorbike

This spokeless is known as Julian Silva bike after its designer.This light weight is due to the aluminum framework and the panel cover that is made from light weight fiber. It is also based on the principle of aerodynamics as it offers arm, leg, and back support to the driver. The uniaxial arm at the front wheel enhances the stability of the bike.

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