Simple and beautiful balcony designs for your home

Who doesn’t want a ravishing looking balcony that adds a lot of glitter to even the most mundane household. There are some designs which are easy to execute in order to make your balcony look beautiful. Given below are 10 simple and beautiful designs you can try out.

Balcony design with white cushions

Wooden furniture is better suited for this design. One or more wooden benches are kept on the two opposite directions of the balcony and soft big white cushions are placed on them. A small wooden table can be kept at the center with a cute flower vase filled with fresh flowers on it. If the balcony is spacious then a few plants can also be placed in the corners.

Balcony design with round chairs

This design doesn’t require much furniture or decoration. Just keep two round chairs with a small round table and make sure that the entire balcony has a wooden look with the same color used for he door. The floor though, should have a stony look.

Balcony design with plants

The color of the wall should be light such as peach, pink or cream. Along the grill of the balcony, small flowering plants should be placed. Plants can also be kept in a hanging position. Roses in pink, yellow and white are also good for keeping in vases.

Balcony with canopy

If your balcony is open and sunlight falls on it directly, you can keep a canopy along with two beach chairs surrounded by plants outwardly. This kind of design is perfect if your house or the apartment is close to the beach.

Balcony design with a reclining chair

A reclining chair really looks good if placed in the balcony of a house which has a woody look and is in a forest area with the view of the mountain which is close to it. Nothing more is needed. The entire design, though simple gives a quiet soothing look to your balcony matching with the location.

Balcony with a swing

If your balcony is not that big or you don’t wish to keep sofas or chairs, your best option would be keeping a swing. The best part is no other set of furniture is required. The color of the wall will look good if it is soft in color. Cream or off-white is preferable.

Balcony design for small space

Many think that it is a disadvantage when the balcony is small. But a small balcony can also look warm and cozy for spending some time in the evening. Since the floor area is not much, focus should be on the vertical space. Trellis, climber and hanging plants can be used. A few lights can be kept hanging from different levels so that it makes your balcony a perfect place to hang out in the evenings.

Balcony with a hammock

Here’s another design for your balcony if it is not so big. Place a hammock in your balcony that can be easily assembled and dismantled as and when you desire. You can use it as a resting place for a quiet evening at home when you want to be alone.

Balcony in an urban area

For places like the middle of a metropolitan where it is crowded with buildings determined to touch the blue space above, nothing looks more gorgeous than a floating light box balcony. Just keep it simple with a single sofa on a white floor and cream colored walls.

Spacious balcony

If the balcony is spacious and the blue sea is almost in front of it, small stools with cushions can be used. The color of the cushions should be blue. A beach chair can also be kept along with plants. You can use different shades of cream and white for this.

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