Radio alarm clocks for a melodic morning

We all have alarms so that we can wake up at the desired time. But the irritating part of those necessary alarms is the harsh sound that they make. Those harsh sounds are going to be something of the past. Now we have radio alarm clocks with special features. They will wake you up by their soothing sound. Here we are with a list of 10 radio alarm clocks for a melodic morning. Have a look!

MIR Radio alarm clocks

It looks like a space satellite with gold finishing and also has an LCD display to view the time and a radio with speakers, designed by Klaus Rosberg. This is a solar powered device designed for those who want to listen the latest discoveries of the NASA. The MIR Radio alarm has two wings which can rotate and which take the solar energy to run the device. It has an FM which is to make your morning melodious, and this clock is to kept near windows so that it can take the solar energy and work even when the sun sets.

Our Glass

Inspired by the ‘Hour Glass’, Swedish designer Filip Von Hauswolff designed this device named ‘Our Glass’. It has a spherical shape and also has low center of gravity. Our Glass has a playful format which allows the users to interact and it always stands upright to rock the user with its music. After setting the alarm, to wake up with your favorite audio track, the user has to just give a gentle spin to direct the speakers.

The Batman alarm clock radio

It is named so because it can produce the sound of a bat with the alarm in your room. The key features of this Batman alarm clock radio are; AM/FM tuner, displays calender with month, date and time, has 12 or 24 hour display mode, 8 different melodies and snooze timer that can be adjusted,180 degree rotation arm for front and back projection. When the alarm is snoozed it shows up a batman logo which will fade out after a few seconds. It is priced at $20.

AI Digital alarm clock

A radio clock not only to wake you, but also to keep you updated about the happenings in the world. It has a neat and simple look of an old type alarm, having two horns on the top where the right side part is used to set the radio with pressing or turning it in clockwise or anti clockwise direction and the left side part is used to set the alarm. The clock has a display showing day, date and time and also the radio frequency used.

YORX alarm clock radio

Its body is made of wood grain and has a super rad vantage tuner display with balanced array of knobs which are arranged simple and easy to use. The speakers are mounted on its side with separate volume adjustments for them which makes it sound better and the way one wants. It also features a dimmer switch which is the good feature and this radio clock has 9 volt battery back up, which a lot of vantage clocks lack. The user can adjust the alarm tone, tune the radio or alarm clock just at a single touch. The price of this alarm clock is $55.

Sustainable radio alarm clock

This eco friendly Sustainable radio alarm clock is designed by Oliver Craig. The casing of this radio clock is done with laser cut layered card, and it has an organic touchscreen which makes it eco friendly without using any chemical at all. The battery is connected to a USB to charge and there is no need to replace the battery in this radio clock, and the battery is also chemical free. The display shows time and radio station currently used. This is a huge hit among green lovers as it is completely chemical free.

Mint BMP#2

The Mint BMP#2 is basically a taximeter featuring bedroom functions like radio, alarm and time. It has two panels where the upper part displays the time and the lower part shows the fare amount. The remaining mesh like appearance is to let out the audio and the upper tuner on the right side to set the time and the lower one is to set the radio frequency. On the upper tuner, in the middle there is a green colored button which is to on/off the alarm. And finally when the alarm rings, there is wake up board which pops up from the backside. This makes it a funny and good alarm clock.

Radio Eglence

This stylish radio alarm clock is designed by Serdar Sisman. The Eglence has a transparent touch screen which displays the date time and the radio station being played. This radio clock has motion sensors where the radio gets activated when anyone passes through it. This radio clock can be used as an alarm clock and the favorite radio channel can be set as your alarm tune for a musical morning.

Mr. Clock radio alarm clock

If you think you really need something extra to wake up, then the Mr. Clock radio alarm clock is the perfect one. It has 30 different ways and different styles from gentle wakening to commanding to wake you up, it can tell fortunes, read the time loudly, reacts to motion and light, and plays music from AM/FM and even form an iPod or an MP3. This little Mr. Robot costs $80.

iLuv’s iNT170 Radio Clock

The special feature of this radio is that it can be connected to a network. The user will never run out of music with this many connections and the user can switch on to different stations instantly, and this radio can also be connected to the local airwaves also. From this alarm system, you can choose your favorite track which will wake you up. It is available at $200.

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