Portable shelter designs to provide instant refuge during emergencies

In recent years, the number of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, or storms has increased at an exponential rate. People from the disaster-affected zones are rendered homeless and need instant refuge. Most governments and relief groups from around the world struggle with providing immediate and effective shelters to the unfortunate victims of disasters. The challenges in the way of finding a suitable shelter are manifold. The shelter should be easy-to-deploy, take minimum time to be installed, be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, be lightweight enough to be carried to the disaster-affected zones and lastly, preserve the dignity of the victims who have already suffered losses. Here is a list of portable shelters which can provide instant refuge during emergencies:

Petr Fiala’s shelter

Petr Fiala’s shelter, designed mainly for humanitarian purposes, provides instant shelter to the survivors. The shelter can be easily mounted and collapsed, and is also adaptable to different conditions with very minimal alterations.

The Emergency housing system

The Emergency housing system by Peter Anthony is a rapid-deployment and lightweight shelter made by using composite materials. Each unit of this shelter folds flat and can be assembled using a spanner by only two people in less than 30 minutes. One of the most viable shelters, the Emergency housing system is best suited for air-dropping and provides instant shelter to a large number of people.

The Portable shelter

Designer Charles Heydinger has come up with the Portable shelter which is water-resistant, compact, camouflaged, elevated and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This inexpensive shelter can be easily deployed and deflated and can be folded into a backpack, specially helpful while traveling.

Nido Portable shelter

‘Nido’, by designer Amanda Cuello, provides shelter to the homeless while its adequate space maintains their privacy and ensures safety to the occupants. ‘Nido’ comprises of two modules, one for sleeping and storage and the other for physiological needs. The shelter can be extended by adding successive modules to the base unit. This easy-to-install, compact, lightweight shelter is suitable for continuous use.

Cheap, portable emergency house

Students from Nanjing Forestry University of Eastern China have designed a lightweight makeshift house, using packing materials. The house can withstand extreme weather conditions, is easy-to-install, comfortable and safe. The lightweight house is suitable for air-dropping and is cheap enough for the relief groups to buy in bulk.

Ablenook Portable structure

The Ablenook portable structure by Sean Verdecia and Jason Ross is designed to provide immediate shelter to disaster survivors. This shelter can be easy assembled, in no time even by unskilled labor. The units can be easy transported and installed in the most uneven territories.

Egg-shaped portable disaster shelter

This durable, protective, egg-shaped disaster shelter designed by Jonathan Ferrer comprises of a pod containing the design inside. The easy-deployment tripod structure includes a layer of orange-colored legs which creates a weather-resistant, strong shield.

X2 shelter

Powered by renewable energy, the X2S is an emergency shelter suited for airdropping to disaster zones. X2S can be used as a tent and can be extended by connecting with other X2S units.

Haven shelter system

Haven is a rapid-deployment shelter, eminently effective in airlifting to disaster or war zones. Haven panels are strong, insulated, lightweight structures for allowing easy transportation. Haven occupies less space than the conventional tents, provides greater protection and allows regulation of ventilation. A signage system assists in managing a large group of displaced people and an integrated solar panel provides power to the establishment.

ZO_loft Wheely

The Wheely by Italian group ZO_loft architecture and design is a portable, robust and inexpensive shelter that effectively protects the homeless, while also maintaining their privacy.

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