Nine portable refrigerators for the users on the go

Portable Refrigerators

Refrigerator is an electronic device designed like a container to store food which keeps it cool in order to keep it fresh or preserve it, it has a door to open and close from where we can store or remove the items. It has a thermally insulated compartment which allows to maintain a temperature. As technology improved the sizes of the refrigerator also changed. Where big ones were manufactured, now smallest ones are also being manufactured. In this small portable ones the capacity is drastically reduced when compared to the normal household refrigerators.Let us see a few of the portable refrigerators available.

1. Eco mini fridge from Ecotopia

Eco mini

It is equipped with the latest thermoelectric system which can both heat or coll the food in the temperatures, where tit cools at 15 to 17 Celsius and heats at 55 to 65 Celsius. The eco mini consumes about 33 watts and can store up to 6 liters. It is one of the worlds most efficient portable refrigerators available in the market. The eco mini weighs about 3.25 kilos and the design is very much stylish. It is useful for carrying at picnics, camps, office use or where ever you want it when you travel. This refrigerator turns into a heater just at a single click to keep the food hot. This eco mini portable refrigerator is priced at $50.

2. Refrigerator Bio Robot

Refrigerator Bio Robot

This Bio Robot refrigerator is a product from the Electrolux. The Robot was designed by students in a competition which was held by the Electrolux where the design was based on 2nd space age where they had to design the product which can exist in the year 2050 with less space and lesser energy. The Bio Robot is environmental sensitive and also of intuitive use. This portable refrigerator uses bio polymer gel which keeps the food cool inside it, and it is a non sticky gel which is green in color and also odorless. It does not look like a normal fridge having separate shelves. It has no door or any compartment, and it can be kept in any direction like facing vertically or horizontally or even it can be kept on the ceiling. And almost 90% of the space is usable.

3. Solar-powered and ultra-portable mini-fridge

Ultra-portable mini-fridge

The ultra mini portable fridge is something like a normal fridge broken into a few compartments which can be turned on and off. It is a known fact that if we open the fridge a bit more power is taken to cover the cold air lost, but the concept on which this refrigerator is designed does not consume more energy to keep up for lost cold air. The major drawback for this ultra mini portable refrigerator is that as the cooling spaces are separate, the separate compartments are less reliable on the adjacent compartments. Some improvements need to made in order to make it a good portable refrigerator.

4. Portable fridge + Mini-cooler

Ultra-Portable Mini-Fridge

This portable fridge and a mini-cooler looks like a portable cylinder, but the greatest feature here is that it runs on sun rays to keep the food inside it cool. This is made of double cylinders one within the other. The inner cylinder is made of metal and the outer one made of any solid material where it has holes drilled it, but the inner cylinder has no holes so that it can keep the contents cool. The gap in between these two cylinders is filled with sand or wool which can be soaked in water. When placed under sunlight the soaked material gets dry as the water evaporates. As the material is held on to the inner cylinder, the heat in inner chamber is removed thereby keeping the inner compartment cool up to 6 degree Celsius. To keep the refrigerator working, the only thing to do is resoaking the material with fresh water.

5. Summit portable refrigerator

Summit portable refrigerator

It is a cylinder shaped refrigerator, where it has ice banks which keep the walls of the cylinder cold an it can run about 8 hours without any power supply. It also has a set of wheels which make easy to move without any problem caused carrying it by hand. It has two wooden shelves on its sides, to make it easy to keep your things on it while serving. This portable refrigerator is designed in a way that it can be used in both home and away, it can also be connected to power where it functions like a normal fridge. The capacity is 72 bottles which is quite good and this refrigerator also has automatic defrost. The price is $900.

6. Vector 12 Volt Portable Car Mini Fridge


The Vector portable refrigerator is also known as Mini Car Fridge. It operates on 12 volts of current and is ideal for small trips, picnics. It is plugged into the car’s 12v power supply which can rest on the swat or floor. The vector has a thermoelectric system which keeps the content cooler. There are three models of vector having different storage capacities, the 12 liter is the maximum and the others are 9 liter and 8 liter. But all of them run on 12 v and when the compartments in it are left free they can be folded for easier access inside it. The price for the models are from $78 to $90.

7. Roll bar mobile refrigerator

Roll Bar Mobile Refrigerator

Can be carried any where one can go, has a set of wheels. Once fully charged it can keep the contents in it cool for 5 hours, with the storage capacity of 57 cans or 50 liters. It is made of titan foam, which keeps it cool. It has both AC and DC adapters, the surface is highly dent resistant and the top can be used as a table. It is priced at $360.

8. The external refrigerator concept

The External Refrigerator concept

This is a great concept where it not only saves place in your house but also saves power. This is hung on to the external walls of the home, the concept is that in winter the cold temperatures keep the food cool and also conserve energy, and in the summers it takes up energy from the solar panels which are in built. The side indicates the temperature inside the fridge and the volume occupied. This was also an entry at the Electrolux competition of the year 2010.

9. Koolie portable refrigerator


It was also an entry at the Electrolux competition 2010. The Koolie is a small fridge which can also be used as a shopping cart. Featuring an RFID, the Koolie detects all the food kept inside which can charge the price from your credit or debit card, all you have to do is just enter the PIN at the counter. It also works as a picnic basket when the contents in it get empty.

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