Portable interactive projector designs for instant presentations

Nothing can capture the attention of students or business associates like an interactive projector. The best part is that images, figures and graphs can be explained with ease and are clearly understood by the observer. However, carrying a bulky projector all the time is certainly not feasible. To overcome this issue, portable projection devices are becoming highly popular. Listed below are 10 such devices that are most suitable for instant presentations due to its mobility.

Light Touch Interactive Projector:

Light Blue Optics has launched a new interactive projector that has a capability of converting a flat surface into a touch screen. Known as the Light Touch Interactive Projector, it works on a holographic laser projection technology and can launch a screen-sized up-to 10 inches. The projected image is then turned into a touch screen and can be further operated using virtual keypads. It comes with an in-built memory of 2GB and can accommodate SDHC cards up-to 32 GB.

Microvison SHOWWX:

The SHOWWX by Microvision is a portable laser projector that can connect to mobiles phones, digital cameras, laptops and PDAs. Though it is only about a size of a smartphone, it can provide home theater sized WVGA (848*480 pixels) movie and image view. It runs on a rechargeable battery and comes bundled with a MEMS single scanning mirror providing view up-to 5 meters. Overall, a fantastic pocket sized projector measuring 14*60*118mm and weighing only 122g.

EX-Time projector watch:

The Ex-Time is a concept created by designer Rong Yong. This watch boasts of a unique feature where the user can share the current time with other people simply by projecting onto anything for instance, a wall or the floor. The projector is built inside the watch and consists of three display modes, date, alarm and time.

Laser Projector:

Other than just projecting images, this laser projector also offers an mp3 player along with a hi-fi stereo speaker. It has an in-built 2GB memory, is small in size and has three display modes to create hypnotizing affects. Firstly, it features an automatic mode which displays various laser pattern designs in red and green color secondly it includes sound activation mode and lastly still mode is offered. Additionally, it can be operated as a standalone mp3 player due to the brilliant sound quality along with high bass. It is a fantastic 150MV portable laser projector with a mountable bracket, most suitable for indoor location.

De-light: Mini Led Projector:

Made of hard plastic along with soft rubber control on the rear stem of bulb shape, De-light is a LED projector that enhances overall mobile entertainment experience. It is small sized handy projector that allows you to share images and videos on mobile devices and have fun while group gaming.

Pillow projector:

Inspired by a wooden pillow, this projector is designed to watch television comfortably. The overall functioning of the Pillow projector is very simple; all you have to do is, adjust your head on the projector or place this on the couch for easy viewing. It can be easily recharged and is known for its mobility.

Portable projector pledges extensive possibilities:

As the name suggests, portable projector is a mobile projecting device that can be carried anywhere with ease. Designed by Dung Nguyen, it is a compact, light weighted projector concept that can be collapsed when not in use. When in use, three bottom components develop to offer stability to display refined images with minimum fuss. One good deal about the projector is that it can be made available in a variety of color combinations to suit individual needs.

Aiptek Z20 is world’s first camcorder and digital projector:

Aiptek Z20 is a multi-purpose device capable of projecting up-to 65 inches diagonally. It generates power from a LED light and features HD video capturing capability, 5 megapixel still camera and 2 GB built-in memory. Priced at €349, Z20 is available in the European market.

Portable Pen projector:

The portable pen projector as the name suggests is a pen shaped projecting device. Though it may, look very small in size it is as powerful as any other similar device and is far more intelligent. It comes packed in a stainless steel box and flaunts features like Bluetooth and LED system. The only thing to check is that if the pen writes too.

Kito Mini Projector:

Designed by David Magnier, Kito mini is equipped with LED projector technology. A battery-powered system can connect with almost any electronic device such as a laptop, portable video players, game consoles and digital cameras. Moreover, a removable remote control arm, wireless connection arm, 2 detachable wireless speaker legs, and a washable bean-bag base comes with the package. Overall, it offers exceptional projection performance and also allows to share media with people.

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