OLED laptop designs to enhance your computing experience

You must have definitely heard about the new technology in screens. Dubbed as the OLED technology or the organic light emitting diodes is now being considered as the future of laptops. Used in television set screens, small, portable system screens such as mobile phones and PDAs, watches, advertising and information till date, OLEDs have gradually sought entry into the laptop business.

Here are some absolutely amazing OLED laptops that you will surely drool over:

Samsung Mobile Display’s 14″ notebook

You’ve got to have a second look at this one. It is the Samsung Mobile Display’s 14-inch notebook whose panel is up to 40 percent transparent as compared to others whose average is only about 25 percent. This one is being regarded as the largest and the first OLED laptop we have.

Dellstudio XPS 16 OLED

Another very interesting laptop concept is the Dell’s Studio XPS 16. The concept has a 2mm screen and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. Although there may be difference in response time and battery life, the display quality of the Dell XPS 16 is something to fall for. OLED laptops will definitely come at a higher price, but Dell has not yet disclosed whether this product is going to come to the market.

Prime Gaming Laptop concept is 3 OLED screens in one

If we were to take things truly beyond imagination, then the Prime gaming laptop concept would be the best example. This amazing concept has three screens. This has even more efficient OLED screens than the Apple triabook concept. The 13-inch concept has a 10-inch middle screen and the 2 side screens that measure a total of 16-inches. Well, this sounds like a truly remarkable concept from the laptop makers of the world.

LG “ebook” Concept Laptop with OLED Screen

The “ebook” concept by LG may sound very cliched, but it’s not so. After all it has won the German award, the “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award for the best industrial design. So what’s special about this OLED concept? This concept is powered by the blue methyl alcohol instead of a lithium ion battery.

Samsung’s 12.1-inch OLED laptop concept

At the first view of this cool AMOLED concept from Samsung, one would go crazy over the absolutely thin design of this concept. Although it has a touch sensitive rigid keyboard which might be a little uncomfortable, but it looks gorgeous to say the least. It comes with a 12.1-inches display and 1280 x 768 resolution with infinite contrast. The only thing that I could not understand was the panel at the back.

Sony flexible OLED notebook concept

This single flexible layer concept from Sony is so unique that you may just marvel at how imagination can take technology to an absolutely marvelous dimensions. This notebook shall use the ultra this 0.2mm OLED panel from Sony which will enable you to use it for a longer duration besides having the amazing layout and keyboard controls.

HP Nobag

If you are a gorgeous lady who needs another beautiful accessory which also works as a laptop, then this may be the concept that you have to look out for. This concept laptop from HP does not need a laptop bag and can easily be folded into a fan. It comes with special shoes and the laptop can be painted by hand. That’s the HP Nobag no-frills notebook for all you lovely women out there.

Feno notebook is a three-fold concept

This non-tablet notebook concept surprises you as you can’t see the fold on the screen as you open it. This compact machine makes you feel that you don’t need the tablet. Because of its trendy design, the two OLED panels, the keyboard, the mouse along with the ports and the disc drive comes rolled into one. This one from Feno truly deserves a chance.

Compenion laptop 2015

This futuristic concept laptop designed by designer Felix Schmidberge is very sleek, has an OLED display and is touchscreen. The Compenion laptop has a transparent keyboard and it can also be used as projector for viewing videos. So, if you had been lonely for a while and were yearning for partner, then watch out for this one.


This innovative laptop concept from Orkin Design allows you to work on your 13-inch laptop and then, it folds itself into a smart phone when you are done. It has a 13-inch OLED display which is flexible enough to be a flat 17-inch monitor. It comes with a cylindrical core which wraps the ROLLTOP easily.

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