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Shrinking spaces have given birth to the idea of Nano houses, which is being accepted with open arms. These small sized homes are perfect for a small family and provide all the basic facilities. They are being designed in an attention arresting manner and

10 best ‘Nano Houses’ for small-scale living

Nano house

Shrinking spaces have given birth to the idea of Nano houses, which is being accepted with open arms. These small sized homes are perfect for a small family and provide all the basic facilities. They are being designed in an attention arresting manner and vow to provide all the comfort in a restricted area. Below is a list of ten best ‘Nano Houses’ that are perfect for small-scale living.

1. Nano living system

Nano living system

Bridge Development Corp. has created a perfect house that can accommodate four people. Christened the Nano Living Systems, the house is small but ranks high on the sustainability factor. The US based company made sure that the house had Eco-friendly qualities, hence fitted it with rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels and also a green roof. This house measuring 200 feet can easily support structures running up till four stories, thanks to the usage of prefabricated metal Stricture Insulated Panels or SIPs and its passive designing. The inside has been crafted keeping in mind accents from traditional Chinese Feng Shui, which will ensure complete well being. The house comprises of a bathroom, kitchen, closets, two king sized beds and a dining room as well.

2. Roll-It Nano house


Roll-It Nano House is very attention-grabbing and will definitely leave people in a state of awe. It is an experimental house that looks fun and has been given a cylindrical shape. The house is modular in nature and will unfurl a space that will be flexible enough to perform various tasks that too in a restricted area. The overall design consists of an inner and an outer shell. The outer shell rests neatly over the inner one with the help of four support rings. The inside of Roll-It Nano House features a kitchen with a sink, a section dedicated for a bed and a table plus an exercise cylinder. The side has circular openings that will let natural light inside the structure. The entire structure has been wrapped in a translucent membrane that can be used by advertisers to publicize their products.

3. FabLab House

Fablab House

The FabLab House is an interesting creation by Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. The house has an ellipsoid shape and stands off the ground as it rests nicely on three legs. The space below the structure makes sure that air circulation is not restricted and in turn helps natural ventilation. The rib like structure has been prefabricated from wood and is pretty eye-catching. It has been designed keeping in mind the conditions prevalent in Madrid, but can easily adapt in other parts as well. The efficiency of this structure increases manifolds because of its passive designing. The temperature of this house and energy consumption is controlled as well as monitored using smart systems. The roof has been enveloped with tailored photovoltaic cells that can double as a place for rainwater collection.

4. Sunset Cabin

Sunset Cabin

Sunset Cabin is nothing but a glass box that measures 275 square feet and comes wrapped in cedar plank screen. Taylor-Smth, an architecture firm based in Toronto, was given instructions to come up with a simple structure that would be perfect for connecting with the nature. The structure ranks high on the durability scale as the outside, which includes windows, claddings and doors made form cedar. The inside has been completed finished using birch plywood that gives it the much needed elegance. The overall design is quite sustainable and consists of a green roof and a composting toilet.

5. Blob dmvA Architecten

Blob dmvA Architecten

Blob vB3 is a capsule shaped building that is a fine work of craftsmanship by dmvA Architecten. This can be flexibly exploited as a mobile office, garden house, reception, guest house and of course a moveable home. It is an eye-appealing design that was supposed to be used as an office for XfactorAgencies, but the structure did not meet the local building regulations and hence was rejected. The mobile unit looks beautiful and is a nothing less than a great piece of art. The egg shaped structure consumed a good 18 months to come to life and comes injected with all the necessary features. The design of Blob vB3features a bed, storage space, kitchen, bathroom and lighting. The nose of this structure can also be opened and doubles as a porch.

6. The Gypsy Junker

The Gypsy Junker

The Gypsy Junker is a small house on wheels, which is portable and measures just 24 square foot. The awe-amazing structure is a brainchild of Dereck Diedricksen that started as a hobby in the designer’s backyard. The tiny house has been made using salvaged materials and almost 90 percent has been crafted using junk that keeps piling up and ruins our beautiful planet every single day. The cost-effective and Eco-friendly Gypsy Junker comes tagged with a price tag of just $3000, which makes it fall in the affordable range.

7. House Arc

House Arc

House Arc is a prefabricated construction that has been made by Joseph Bellomo. It will shun all thoughts that people hold against prefabricated structures and win over them with its brilliant features. The idea of this nano house cropped from a bicycle rack that was made by this California based designer. House Arc is based on the same design and has been priced $100,000. The 800 square foot construction fetches all the power for internal use from the photovoltaic film it comes coated with. The attractive house comprises of two modules that are well separated by a breezeway.

8. Lumenhaus


Lumenhaus is an incredible little house that will woo many with its construction style, thanks to the Virginia Tech team. This house will prove to be a winner in a variety of weather conditions and hence will blend well in almost all areas. The sustainable structure comes injected with Bauhaus tradition traits that make it all the more attractive. The moveable construction will provide all the basic comforts that one would expect in a regular home. The roof has been fitted with solar panels that help to run a dual heat pump, which make the house all the more efficient. It comes fitted with advanced LED lighting system that lets users alter the light color as per their whims and fancies. The best part being that Lumenhaus can be controlled by smart phones that are ruling the globe presently.

9. Mercury house one

Mercury house one

Mercury House One is a great example of a mobile housing unit that comes coated with all the necessary features that make a home. The house stands off the ground and can be accessed by a ramp. It will be powered by solar panels that have been crafted using semi-transparent photovoltaic cells. Mercury House One will unfurl a peaceful space that will help soothe those frazzled nerves. The main body has been crafted from glass fiber that has been further covered with a thin layer of white marble skin. The house will leave you refreshed and pamper your soul like never before.

10. Nano Rescue House

Nano Rescue House

Nano Rescue House consumes just 200 square foot of space and its designers claim it to be the smallest in the world. The design is stackable and as many as eight units can be placed one above the other. It will prove to be a perfect house in case an emergency strikes. The bed system is very interesting and drops down or can also be placed vertically to the ceiling as per a user’s wish. The design will make sure it receives ample sunlight, thanks to the presence of windows that also allow great cross ventilation. Nano Rescue House will also unfurl a much needed outer space that will be semi private.

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