Musical lights to illuminate your living space in style

We all try to achieve perfection in the decor of our homes. This is, though, easier said than done. It is the coming together of different aspects of the interiors that creates an impact which captivates the attention of people. Apart from the other significant factors, appropriate lighting is extremely important.

Lighting sets the mood for the ambiance. Set the intensity of the lights depending on the feel you want to give to the place. A room can be given a relaxing feel with dim lights or may be decked up to sparkle to create the perfect set up for a party. Lights can also be used to highlight the particular corners of a place. A combination of perfect lights and music can jazz up the most mundane of set ups and can bring the ambiance to life. Musical lights serve as a combination of the two. Here is a description of the multiple ways in which these are being used.

Musical minimalism

These table cubes are a combination of the modern and the retro look. This perfect blend comes with the modern minimalism in design and the feel of the music as it was played a few decades back. Laser cut plexiglass sheets form the outer shell of these lamps. Tapes are set in the slots inside to create a nostalgic and exquisite look. The whole piece stands on curves built at each corner.

Musical lamp

This music lamp launched by Encore is a treat for the music lovers. It comes with connectors for MP3’s as well as your iPod. The speakers get excellent reviews for the quality of sound. The lights at the base of the lamp work in tandem with the music to enjoy your favorite music. Adjust the music volume as per your choice and sit back and enjoy the music being churned out by this music lamp that has a diameter of 7 inches and a height of 18 inches. It is priced at $44.99.

Modern Lamp/iPod docking station

For all those who carry their favorite music in their iPods, here is a lamp cum iPod docking station. Designed by Sang Hoon Lee of Korea, this musical piece of decor can find a place of pride on your desk or on the night stands.

iLamp is a lamp with an iPod dock

This concept table lamp by designer Sergey Chernobay, lets you enjoy your favorite music while you are completing some important work or relaxing by your study table. The docking station for iPod / iPhone and the MP3 players allow you to choose and play a track as per your liking. Speakers have been given place at the base of the lamp.

Lantern music lamp

This lamp carries an exotic look that can blend in beautifully with the decor of your homes. It doubles up as your music player when you want to relax. Slide the switch on it to turn it on or off. Choose the option for playing the music and then opt for the song you wish to listen to. It carries 5 LED lights in red, green or orange colors. The power supply comes from three AA battery cells or from an AC adapter.

Duet2 LED music light

These LED lights allow you to adjust the light intensity as per your need. Read a book before you go for a nap and enjoy the light music. Each of the two goose-necks carries two white LEDs. These are energy efficient lamps. Use the two switches to choose one among the four different lighting levels. The lens in use ensures that the light from the lamp is not uneven. Fold the lamp when not in use.

Awake iPod player lamp

Now, this one is as innovative as it gets. This lamp designed by Kelly Duncan lets you wake up to your favorite music rather than the shrieking alarms. The soft lights in the lamp illuminate and increase in intensity gradually. This is surely a better way to wake up than being jerked out of sleep by an alarm.

Bl├╝te lamp

This beautiful creation by Chantal Briere in wood and plastic responds to the sound in the surroundings and becomes brighter or dim to add more effect to the ambiance of the place. This is an energy efficient alternative to the usual lighting alternatives as it uses LEDs. The overall design, carrying petal like shapes, lends it an elegant appeal. This musical lamp can be used in modern as well as traditional set ups.

Musiclites system

This one goes beyond lights and music. These LED bulbs are Wi-Fi enabled. This 10 W LED light bulb from Osram Sylvania and Artisan has a built in 70 mm audio speaker. The 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver lets this musical marvel receive sound signals from the compatible devices around it. It incorporates technology to bring musical entertainment to the more tech-savvy music lovers.

Sound of light

This lamp cum musical device comes without the hassles of a wired device. It picks audio signals from MP3 players, smart phones or tablets with its 2.4 GHz transmitter. It builds wireless connections through this transmitter. It can sync with devices kept within a range of 300 feet. Available with power options of 100 V or 240 V, you can pick it at $299 with an additional $129 for the lamp speakers. It is compatible with the iPhones and comes with a remote control for you to adjust the volume of the music and the intensity of the light.

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