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Most interesting bus shelter designs

Technology has come of age and is in rescue to the mundane. Bus stops have never been a great hangout place, and waiting for buses has always been a pain in the ass. Having interactive shelters that let you manipulate the vicinity you occupy will definitely help you to spend those long queuing hours in a greatly enhanced technological world of show-bus stops. Here is a compilation of such inspiring bus shelter designs that’ll make traveling and waiting for buses all the more interesting.


Called AqurioMania, this unique bus stop, replacing printed ads, features a real aquarium full of real fishes.


The EyeStop is a touch-screen bus shelter that monitors environmental conditions and real-time bus movement and also provides information and communication tools that can interact with your cellphone.

Martin Necas’ bus shelter concept

This bus top has nothing to do with the high-tech features. It’s all about ergonomics.

Voyager shelter

Designed for Adshel/Clear Channel, the Voyager bus shelter was developed as a modular system. It has been designed to incorporate solar powered lighting and future technologies including CCTV, audio and Wi-Fi systems.

Fitness First’s bus shelter

Netherlands-based health club operator Fitness First has planned to set up weight meters at some of the bus shelters in the city of Amsterdam. While the person sits on the nearby bench, the machine tells the actual weight.


The ROUNDbus Stop features a solar powered roof that lights up the shelter during night. It also has a touch display that renders info about the locality to the tourists.

Solar-powered bus shelters with Wi-Fi

Lately announced for San Francisco, these bus stops will exploit the sun’s rays to power the integrated intercom, LED lighting, and even wireless routers that offer a blanket of Wi-Fi throughout the city.

Landmark Bus Stop

The Landmark Bus Stop features color-changing lights that are meant to provide a soothing atmosphere.

Time Square by Fiori

The Time Square bus stop concept uses kinetic color technology to communicate the proximity of the next bus.

Rural bus shelter by Stuart Sharples

The Rural bus shelter by Stuart Sharples is made from sustainable materials and powered by solar energy. A button inside the shelter activates the internal light at night. The electronic information screen inside the shelter tells the waiting passengers real-time journey information.

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