Mobile DJ units to rock your parties

As technological inventions are taking place, several hi tech DJ equipments are being developed. These new innovations ensure that the DJ gets various unique music manipulation techniques. Nowadays, there is a buzz for mobile DJs which are portable and can be used anywhere. Following are few of the mobile DJ units that looks good to rock parties.

iDJ2 Performance DJ system for iPod

This enables mixing and playing of two tracks from your iPod. iDJ2 is equipped with a Numark DJ mixer and dual-deck layout. It has a color LCD which displays the music-management system. You only require this mobile DJ devise and an iPod to play music. iDJ2 is compatible with all the music files which are digital, regardless of the medium where they are stored (USB, iPods or hard drives).

Hercules DJ Console Mk4

Made for making DJing mobile, Hercules DJ Console Mk4 has a marked modern look with a thinner design. It has buttons instead of joy stick and its surface is metallic. It has a compact look and provides connectivity to analog audio source. The cost of this DJ devise is approximately $199.


HDMIX makes mixing of approximately 10,000 songs possible, so it is exciting and fun for music lovers. This mobile DJ tool provides you all facilities to play music anywhere, you just need to have pair of speakers. Along with being a DJ mixer, HDMIX can also work like a media player and CD player. It can also mix media on iPods and USBs. It is very compact and portable.

Pioneer’s mobile DJ in a box

Pioneer Pro – 1400 FLT allows music lovers to initiate party anywhere and anytime, wherever they want to party. It has been designed by Vivier Raphael, a French design student. It offers two configurations. One is a classic and sober one which is used during transport. The other is more focused on high profile events. It is compatible with almost all the DJ gear.

Vestax Typhoon

Typhoon is a DJ system which has all the digital DJ software and hardware in it. So a DJ can do almost all the tasks of scratching, mixing and playing music. The DJ can be connected to your computer and the software available in it can turn the computer to a DJ system. To use this system, you do not have to be an experienced DJ. It has jog wheels which have touch sensor, multi-channel audio system and filter. Typhoon can only run on Intel Core Duo and is not compatible with Atom, Intel Celeron and AMD CPU.

Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx

DJ Console 4-Mx is equipped with large jog wheels and each of the jog wheels has a touch sensor. It also has an inbuilt audio interface. This enables the DJ to connect to analog gear easily. The body of the DJ Console 4-Mx is made of steel and aluminum.


The new Gemini CTRL-SIX enables you to manipulate the data stored on your computer and mix it and output it in various ways. Though Gemini CTRL-SIX is a powerful and innovative devise, it is very easy to use. It provides DJs a familiar interface like the traditional turntables and decks. Gemini CTRL-SIX is a best choice for experienced as well as aspiring DJs.

iDJ Music Mixing Station

iDJ Music Mixing Station has made DJing very easy and even a layman can use it and compete with an experienced DJ. It has been developed by Psychic Factory and is made especially for iPads.

Wacom’s Nextbeat system

Touchscreen turntables in DJ systems make the work very easy for the DJs. Wacom’s Nextbeat allows the DJ to deal with tracks by using touch screen and is a professional DJ system. It is a wireless device.


Weighs around 1.8 kg and its dimensions are 360 x 260 x 45 mm. It has 18 rotary knobs, 6 buttons, 5 faders and 2 individual mixing channels. It also boasts of dazzlingly illuminated buttons. For DJs who are more comfortable with the traditional DJ systems Gemini CTRL- One offers traditional CD player and mixer. This is a very easy-to-use DJ system.

Since the concept of laptops, iPod and iPad emerged, mobile DJ system are very much in demand. These 10 unique DJ systems made for mobile purpose will be great assets and gadgets to own for DJs.

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