10 media player watches with built-in phones

Mobile phone watch

The days are gone when we used to carry a bulky watch and a mobile phone too. Now it’s a hybrid technology that combines both the gadgets into a single one. These ultra modernized gadgets have come out to be one of the most popular gadgets around the world. Now you don’t have to carry your phone along, as your watch does the job while on the move. Now you can wear your watch cum cellphone around your wrist and show the world the new technology in hand. These trendy gadgets with awesome appeal and gorgeous designs are worth keeping in wish list. Some of the models are so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off them. So here is a list of these geeky gadgets that are making buzz around:

1. Excalibur – Quad Band Touch Screen Watch Cell Phone:

Mobile phone watchThis super cool watch enables you to watch crystal clear videos on its 1.5 inch touchscreen. The stylish looks, perfect fit and trendy appeal make it one of the best watches until date. With all the combined features of phone like the video viewing, SMS, MMS etc. and a basic watch, this gadget is going high in market.

2. Digital Cell Phone Watch: Digital Mobile Phone Watch

Touchscreen is not limited to phones, here is a Mobile phone watch with almost same features as that of a phone. Compact size and gorgeous looks makes it worth of a deal. The triband watch mobile phone also includes a numeric keypad that lets you call a number easily.

3. Thrifty Watch Phone:

Thrifty Watch Phone

The looks of the mobile phone are what making news around. Exceptionally classic looks with elegant color and structure is what this watch mobile phone delivers. It includes a media player, PDA services and supports video recording capabilities. Small 1.3″ touchscreen display makes it a handy gadget.

4. Sunvalleytek OLED watch phone:

Sunvalleytek OLED watch phone

This Next Gen watch mobile phone with in-built media player is what people around talk about. With a OLED touchscreen of 1.5″ display and GSM SIM support, the gadget is among the top wish list. It is provided with a storage of 2GB, Bluetooth and the battery gives a powerful backup of 96 hours in standby mode and 3 hours talk time.

5. Stylish Wrist mobile phone Phenom Watch:

Wrist mobile phone Phenom Watch

Phenom Communications have taken a step ahead in mobile phone watches. They released their recent model which includes a double SIM feature too. This compact wrist watch cum mobile will be a perfect device for those who are used to separate their personal life and business life. It supports Quad-band network and a small 1.3″ touchscreen display. It is also equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, media player, Bluetooth and FM radio option.

6. CECT mobile phone Watch:

CECT mobile phone Watch

This gadget has complete looks of a watch and surely nobody will accept it’s a phone too. Made in elegant colors and compact size add to its beauty. Provided with a Bluetooth dongle is what makes the device perfect. You can carry the dongle easily around without any hassles. It also includes an in-built media player.

7. G108 Watch Phone:

G108 Watch Phone

Made in China, this watch has a strong style appeal and is supposed to be best suited for youth and students. Available at affordable price with an in-built camera and media player makes it worth of a strong deal.

8. Mobile Phone Watch W08:

Mobile Phone Watch W08

The new fully-functional Next Gen watch is a perfect combination of style and luxury. This watch is exceptionally beautiful. With features like color touchscreen, Bluetooth, weatherproof and a quad-band technology, the phone cum watch is quite a rage in the market. It provides a talk time of 2 hours and music playback of 4 hours with 1GB storage capacity.

9. The SWAP Watch Active:

SWAP Watch Active

Active is now on the list of cool mobile phone watches with their latest technology watch called SWAP. SWAP (Smart Watch and Phone) lets you enjoy the combined features of both. It supports all the basic features of a mobile phone like SMS/MMS messaging, audio and video capabilities, calendar, music player, e-reader, recording etc. It comes equipped with a stylus that slots into strap when not in use. The user interface is very simple and the strap is made really beautiful. So in short, it’s a power packed gadget with all modern features.

10. Super Cool Touchscreen Wrist Watch Mobile Phone:

Touchscreen Wrist Watch Mobile Phone

Next on the list is super cool touchscreen ultra smart mobile phone. This watch cum phone supports video viewing and is provided with an in-built digital camera and music player. Compact design with a detachable mouse makes it more handy to use while on the go. With plenty of features, this phone is a good buy.

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