Magnetic vehicle concepts for a comfy ride

Magnetic vehicles are the solution to many current automotive problems. They demand no fuel and are extremely eco friendly. Leading automobile companies like Audi and Chevrolet are rapidly joining this endeavor to make this world pollution free and a safer place to live. There are different designs of magnetic powered vehicles to make your ride comfy.

Here are some best picked vehicle concepts with unique designs:

Magnetic MAG vehicle concept by Matúš Procháczka

This eco friendly vehicle, designed by Slovakian designer Matúš Procháczka, makes for a very comfortable ride. Along with its ability to use magnetic power, Procháczka has very sensibly integrated an electric engine into it is as well. While the electric traction is born by the back tires, the upward magnetic force makes the cars 50 percent lighter. The spring like feel along with its noiseless and clean features make this car a good buy.

Nicholas futuristic concept vehicle

Traffic is a huge concern these days and driving through traffic can be very stressful especially when you are in a hurry. This vehicle based on the two-wheeler concept, skillfully designed by Nicholas Holland is an ideal solution for commuting problems in such areas. The vehicle uses the front wheel as the key driving component. It utilizes the strong magnetic field produced by the giant loop passing through the front wheel.

Induction powered taxi

Designed by Philip Siebourg, this vehicle works on the concept similar to a train. It runs on a rail system that creates a magnetic field for it. The direction of the vehicle is controlled by the interaction between the magnet in the vehicle and the rail system. The most striking feature of this taxi is that it is automatic and does not require a driver. Its light weight makes it even more efficient.

Nissan iV electric vehicle

For all sports car lovers, the Nissan iV electric vehicle is a dream come true. As Nissan too takes a shot at future automotive solutions, their version comes in the form of the ingenious and practical vehicle. Not only does it look good, the performance of the car is excellent as well. Nissan has used photovoltaic material for its cabins that weigh much lesser than glass. This four-seater vehicle also comes with a solar panel and bio-battery.

Yog concept vehicle

Rightfully named the Yog, this futuristic vehicle has been designed by Indian designer Arun Thomas. It uses lightning for commutation. The vehicle produces artificial thunderstorms that are converted into lightning and used by the car. This vehicle is steered with a skid steer mechanism. It uses air and magnetic repulsion power to define its shape.

Futuristic Audi RM car

Audi has earned a very respectable name for itself in the automobile industry. When its comes to the brand, one expects nothing less than extreme comfort, style, high performance and class. Keeping that in mind, designer Halil Buzcuoglu has come up with a car concept named Audi RM and is said to be inspired from the Audi RSQ. This vehicle is designed especially for people who travel between cities a lot. The car can seat three people and is very environmentally friendly. It uses electric power and can also be recharged.

Enigma Car Concept

As the whole world looks to the future, designer Paul Howse has come up with a futuristic automobile concept and named it Enigma. This sleek looking vehicle is sure to grab a lot of attention. The bronze color used gives it a very classy and unique look. The car runs on bio-electric technology and can even use solar energy if the energy level drops.

2011 Chevrolet Corvette z06x track car concept

The Chevrolet Corvette z06x track car concept is Chevrolet’s version of future automotive solutions. The vehicle draws its inspiration from the Corvette Z06 1LZ. It has carbon-ceramic brakes and magnetic ride controls.

Next generation electric vehicle5

Truly futuristic, the Next generation electric vehicle5 is anything and everything you look for in a car. The vehicle has all the features that make it very eco friendly. It runs on batteries and has a unique wheel system that makes riding it very interesting. For the convenience and comfort of its riders, the car is integrated with four magnetic systems.

Apache Concept Car

What may look like a car wreck at first is actually Apache’s new Apache FM1 concept vehicle. Do not be fooled by its look, this car dares to be bizarre yet turn heads. The car is a perfect amalgamation of performance and style. Said to be inspired from the helicopter, this vehicle has been designed by Senni Med.

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