10 Mac themed mods for fanatic Apple followers

There are numerous computer mods available nowadays. Most Apple followers immersed in everything ‘Apple’ would love a Mac themed mod. Here are 10 Mac themed mods which the Apple fan boys could use, bringing in creativity, style and inspiration for them.

1. Mac G4 Cube Fish Tank Mod

Mac G4 Cube Fish Tank Mod

Remember the old G4 cube which you couldn’t use anymore? Well, why not turn it into an aquarium? Make yourself the Mac G4 fish tank, and gift yourself iFishes (the fishes in the tank). For the lightning purpose, there is Kensington USB Flylight which is powered by the iPod charger. The Apple symbol on the tank makes it ultra cool and setting the aquarium up isn’t a hassle at all.

2. Xbox Macbook Mod

Xbox Macbook Mod

Most of the times people shy away from buying the MacBook because of its high price and high maintenance conditions. Yet there is now an alternative to their dream machine. This is a mod which will take you by surprise. The mod was made by turning an old Xbox 360 case into an OS Xbox Pro! The Xbox Pro has the following specs: 2.93Ghz Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550S processor, NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT graphics card, 8GB of RAM, a 16GB solid state drive, and four hard drives for Windows 7, along with Snow Leopard.

This makes it one of the coolest gadgets that a Mac lover is sure to love. Like the original it costs $1500 along with the original old Xbox 360 case.

3. Apple PowerMac G4 Motorbike Mod

Apple PowerMac G4 Motorbike Mod

Back when the iMac and Magic Mouse didn’t exist, the awesome Apple Powermac G4 was a gadget every geek dreamed of possessing. With time, the devices changed, but the memories of the Powermac G4 can be kept alive with this wonderful mod. The Old G4 is modified as a body for a ‘Graphite’, which has a 49cc, 2-stroke, petrol engine Motorbike. This keeps the G4 alive and you could even ride it an approximate speed of 30 mph.

4. 1942 Philco radio / Mac mini mod

1942 Philco radio / Mac mini mod

Another Apple mod is this Philco radio gutted and a Mac Mini added into it. Not only this, a 17” Sony monitor with touchscreen is also added into the radio and the old radio transforms into a new classy digital media center. There is also the sound system which consists of a Sony DVD/ CD/ receiver that comes with a 2.1 speaker system. Thus, you could see how music is played through iTunes and Front row, all by touching and moving the screen with your fingers. In fact, the Philco radio can also view and record live TV through the EyeTV which it possesses and can also be controlled by an iPod touch or iPhone using remote.

5. NecroMac Computer Mod

NecroMac Computer Mod

Now this is one classy and exquisite mod indeed. The mod is based on a Blue and White G3, and the shells are epoxy painted. The final output was obtained by mixing and combining a motley of elements, like lemon juice and white linen paper. Even a heat gun was employed to give the mod an ‘aged look’. The best part of the NeroMac computer mod is the detailing aspect. Hieroglyphs spread across the case and a the mod gives you a retro feel transporting you to the ancient Egyptian times.

6. Steampunk Mac Mini Mod

Steampunk Mac Mini Mod

This is one Mac Mini mod which will blow you by its extravagance! The keyboard uses leather, the monitor’s base uses actual granite and the choice of colors makes the mod look Victorian. The mod merges technology with romance and is a perfect way for an Apple follower to woo his girlfriend. The detailing done to this product is worthy to watch indeed.

7. Mac Classic Mac Mini Mod

Mac Classic Mac Mini Mod

Now, do the enviable. Attach your Mac Classic with a Mac Mini which you could do in pretty easy ways. This mod allows you to use the innards of a Mac Classic to have a LCD display and a Mac Mini. You could have varies uses for this mod like even using it as a jukebox. For this, you just need to have a Mac classic in your hand and have to add some few add on like a brand new 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo Mac Mini before you could have your own Mac Classic Mac Mini Mod.

8. G4 Mac Mini Cube Mod

G4 Mac Mini Cube Mod

If you have a good old Macintosh lying around why not use it as an enclosure for a modern Mac Mini? The process is simple. Just remove the innards of the old G4 cube and place the Mac Mini inside. You could also add a virtual laser keyboard making the mod a nice self contained design. After this, you just need to put the whole thing inside the Macintosh Classic and then you would get the much awaited “big fish eats little fish” illusion.

9. MSI Macbook Mini

MSI Macbook Mini

How about getting yourself the world’s cheapest Mac notebook? Yes, this was made possible through the ingeniousness of a German hacker named Florian who made a cheap MSI wind into a MacBook look alike. He first made a hole in the lid of his laptop and then carved an Apple Logo. In fact, six white LEDs are used to illuminate the logo. He used aluminum foil and tape to make sure things were held in their original places, and the LEDs give the look of a real MacBook.

10. Mac G3 Beer Server Mod

Mac G3 Beer Server Mod

Mac G3 Beer Server Mod can be considered as one of the most creative designs ever made by the Apple fans. The old G3 Mac is turned into a functional beer server and you could even choose your favorite beer to come out of your Mac. Beer lover or not, you are sure to praise this gem of a product and its ingenious creativity.

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