10 Interactive billboards to enhance the advertising experience

Interactive billboards Ads

Omnipresence of billboards all around the streets has made them so common that people hardly notice them. Therefore, companies are working hard to make these billboards interactive and eye-catching so as to grab public attention. There are numerous interactive billboards being designed by companies all over the world and some of them are being discussed below.

10 interactive billboards to enhance the advertising experience are as follows.

1. Honda Billboard Interacting through SMS And Bluetooth

Honda Billboard Interacts Via SMS And Bluetooth

This interactive billboard was used by Honda in Dublin. The customers could download information from these billboards using Bluetooth. They could start the car by typing a simple SMS. The whole concept was created by JC Decaux and GT Media making use advanced technology to make the process fully interactive.

2. Nike’s Interactive Billboard

Nike's UNICEF Interactive Billboard

Nike has created a unique interactive billboard as a charity advertisement. This was launched in Argentina where people walking by could participate in a charity program by simply running on a treadmill equipped with kilometer measure. For every kilometer Nike denotes some set amount to UNICEF. The whole concept of generosity is appreciable. It promotes fitness as well as community spirit. It’s a unique platform where people by working out on their fitness can help others in need. The brand Nike has gained a lot of gratitude after implementing this concept in the streets of Argentina.

3. Big in Japan Interactive Billboard

Big in Japan Interactive Billboard

We see hundreds of billboards around us every day. They must have soothing unique in them to make them noticeable. The biggest challenge for marketers lies in making billboards interactive and perceptible. Similar efforts were made in making a new Swedish reality show “Big in Japan” famous. The company made vigorous efforts for its promotion campaign. Interactive billboards with speakers and moving detectors were installed in the city. People passing by were detected and cheering was made for them and their pictures were also clicked.

4. Transparent Billboards Promoting Sony PSP

Transparent Billboards Promoting Sony PSP

Unique unreal billboards have been made by Sony for promoting Sony PSP. Though it’s an expensive concept but it has successfully achieved it purpose as these billboards are a key topic of discussion these days. They are built for specific places keeping in mind the location. The ads on these billboards are visible only from a specific angle but they serve the purpose of attracting passersby. Sony Corporation has no doubt once again proved that it has the world’s best marketing executives to promote its products.

5. Billboard for a Lingerie Store Bustop

Billboard for a Lingerie Store Bustop

While commuting we see numerous billboards hanging around the city and most of the times they go unnoticed. The main purpose of billboards is to attract people and interact with them to make the brand famous. The similar strategy was adopted by a lingerie clothing company that created a 3D environment interactive advertisement. The sensors in the billboards are activated by the wind blow which lifts the skirt to reveal lingerie product underneath.

6. Slower Is Better’ Ad Campaign

Slower Is Better’ Ad Campaign

There are certain billboards that are issued in interest of public and not for business purpose. The Elm grove Police department has issued a unique billboard to make people drive slow and safe. This campaign has been launched in Wisconsin on accident prone roads. These billboards display information about the rash driving if the speed is above 25mph. The whole concept has been implemented by a company named as Cramer-Krasselt in Milwaukee, USA. This creative idea promotes “Slower is better” in a very unique and impressive way.

7. BBC World’s Interactive Billboard

BBC World’s Interactive Billboard

To promote BBC World in America a very creative and innovative billboards have been designed. The billboards had an interactive setup displaying a challenging question that tempted spectator to respond by a text message. The results were tallied in real time. This interactive billboard was able to grab a merit award at Art Director Club.

8. HBO billboards

HBO / Big Love Audio billboards

The Big Love Audio billboards had jack built into each individual’s head walking on the street. They tempting people to plug in these head phones and listen to their hidden thoughts which ranged from innocent to even dramatic. These boards were featured at Times Square subway station in NYC and in Hollywood and Venice beach in LA.

9. Adobe CS3 Interactive Billboard

Adobe CS3 Interactive Billboard

This unique interactive billboard was exposed in 14th street of NYC by Adobe Software to promote the release of their creative suite. As the people walk along the wall, infrared sensors get activated and select the person to control slider button on the wall. As the person continues to walk along with the slider, the wall displays fancy and colorful animations and pictures along with some music. The slides appear in accordance with the pace of the pedestrians and when the person reaches the end of the wall the entire billboard is in its full bloom displaying its promotional message “Creative license: take as much as you want”.

10. Guerrilla Style Billboard

Guerrilla Style Billboard

Nikon has promoted the launch of its D700 model in Korea in a very interactive way. They have mounted a massive billboard at Seoul substation that displays actual looking images competing for taking the best picture in celebrity style. The passerby are treated as celebrity and clicked by flashing cameras when they walk in front of the billboard.

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