10 indoor vertical gardens for green living

Indoor vertical gardens

Shrinking spaces have deleted the importance of gardens in the life of city-dwellers. Plants are natural friends and always lend a sense of warmth and spread freshness. Bringing the charm of gardens in the life of people who suffer a space crunch are vertical gardens that will bring the garden inside the comfort of your house. Designers have come up with ideas that cover the walls with vegetation and give them an all new life. Listed below are 10 indoor vertical gardens that will help you lead a greener life.

1. Indoor vertical garden by Urbanarbolism

Indoor vertical garden by Urbanarbolism

Urbanarbolism joined hands with Paisajismo Urbano to come up with a three story tall indoor vertical garden. It has been installed inside an office building in Elche, Spain and will help clean pollutants from the air. The attention-grabbing garden has been wedged in the courtyard that gets necessary sunlight for the garden to remain in a vibrant state. Plants were carefully chosen so that they could help clean indoor air.

2. Vertical Gardens from Green Over Grey

Green Over Grey

Give living walls a greener life with Vertical Gardens from a Vancouver based company named Green Over Grey. The indoor option will add a streak of freshness and can be customized as per one’s requirements. The company not only installs such units but also helps in its maintenance thereafter.

3. Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens

Patrick Blanc's vertical gardens

Absence of an abundant garden space did not deter Patrick Blanc’s spirit to find a room for his love for plants. The botanist has been draping the walls with plants from rain forests for a good 30 years now. The urban garden guru, as he is fondly called, looks at walls like an empty canvas that he paints with real plants. He has many projects to his credit, like boutiques in Paris and New York, restaurants in LA, to name a few.

4. Flora Grubb Gardens

Flora Grubb Gardens

Injecting some green fun in walls is Woollypocket, who have been creating lush oasis on vertical spaces from quite some time now. The pockets have been made from salvaged materials and can be wedged on the walls with your favorite plants resting inside them. Ornament your walls with green life and give them an all new meaning just like the Flora Grubb Gardens.

5. URBIO Indoor Vertical Garden


URBIO comprises of wall mounted plates and plant pots that will sprinkle magic on otherwise dead walls. Eco-plastic has been used to craft these pots that stick to the wall with the help of neodymium magnets. URBIO will bring the garden inside your house if you crave for one in an urban setup. The pots can be used to grow a variety of plants, which will add grace to dwellings.

6. Ecohabitare by Daniele Adamo

Ecohabitare by Daniele Adamo

Ecohabitare is a vertical garden that can be fitted on a wall measuring just 3 meters in length. The portable option has been designed by Daniele Adamo and Ravel, who have made good use of recycled materials and various kinds of plastics. The garden can be maintained without bending, which will not strain your back. This will also keep water usage under control and also reduce the number of insects and weeds. The soil needs to be changed once every year to keep the garden in a great state.

7. Maze Wall Hanging

Maze Wall Hanging

The Maze Wall Hanging Garden will grace both inside and outside spaces. The basic structure of the plates is in the form of a maze, which holds the plants from falling off. It is low on maintenance and will keep your spaces twinkling with greenery. The vertical garden is a great way to stay connected with nature even in the hustle-bustle of city life.

8. Indoor Vertical Garden by Green Fortune

Indoor Vertical Garden by Green Fortune

Here is an Indoor Vertical garden that will not only add elegance but will also help improve the quality of air by pumping oxygen. The impressive system has been created by Green Fortune and makes good use of drip irrigation system. The garden will shower added natural freshness in office areas, which will influence people working there in a positive way.

9. TerraScreen Green Wall Vertical Garden


TerraScreen has been designed by Shane Pliska. The interior plantscaper belongs to a family that owns one of the most famous interior plantscaping companies in the United States, named Planterra. The vertical garden comprises of watertight containers, which can be used to grow plants. Capillary action is used to sub-irrigate these plants and a decent amount of sunlight ensures their proper growth.

10. Urb garden

urb garden

Urb Garden looks like a wooden closet, but will be a perfect fit for small-sized dwellings. Xavier Callauaud’s garden comes with a worm farm that will encourage plant fertilization and organic recycling. The vertical garden won’t consume much space and can be easily positioned in courtyards or balconies. So, grow vegetables, flowers and plants of your choice and lead a healthy life.

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