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Hubless bicycle designs for a smooth and elegant ride

A wheel without a center hub is called a hubless wheel. Also known as a rim-rider or centerless wheel, these turners look stunning but are extremely tough to engineer and expensive to buy. The following hubless wheels are extremely elegant and promise a great ride.

Yale MechEng Students Build Bike with Hubless Wheel

Students at Yale engineering decided to go up a notch on their class project. Nine of them hooked up a working bicycle with a hubless wheel. Although time constraints forced them to convert only one wheel, it still works great. The students claim that the hubless wheel opens up a lot of space which can be used to pack an electric motor or a storage casket.

Hubless Wheel Bicycle Designed to Challenge Current Designs

This concept designed by Brad Waugh using 3D plans to challenge the idea of motion and rotation. The design is currently being developed in SolidWorks.

Hubless BMX Concept Bike with a Gear System Sans Chain

Designed by Nikolay Boltachev, the BMX Concept is a grand hubless bike design. Unlike other minimal bikes this design has Zigzag forks, NS Bikes Quark Pro stem and 20″ thin tires. Pedal up with the Crankbrothers 5050 pedals and add to it a Superstar SweetSweep handlebar and chainless gear system and it’s a perfect and smooth city ride.

Futurist Bicycle with Hubless Wheels Looks Gorgeous

This space age design by designer strips down every excess from the bike to give it a sleek and stylish look. The carbon fiber or aluminum coated body gives it an extremely lightweight body. The LEDs on the handlebar and the rear look cool and also are a safe bet at night.

Lunartic Belt-Driven Hubless Bicycle

The Lunartic Belt-driven Hubless bicycles are meant to be an answer to other unfeasible hubless bikes. It uses the latest gizmo and also doesn’t sacrifice on style. Designed by Luke Douglasland, it uses large wheels on the back and small ones on the front to give better balance and unbelievable class.

INgSoc Electric Bicycle Features Carbon Fiber Body and Hubless Wheels

This green bike with uber-cool finishing is a great choice whether you’re an easy rider or the next Lance Armstrong. The carbon fiber body gives it a sturdy feel and also packs in goodies like space for a cellphone. With three different modes of operation — battery powered, battery assisted, and battery charge — this is a revolutionary ride.

Ergonomics Meets Comfort in Zurlinden’s Recumbent Bicycle

A bike which you can ride in a reclining position might sound absurd. But its great ergonomics ensures you’re a comfortable rider. While the equal distribution of weight gives you a relaxed ride; the hubless beauty also has a Infina-Gear CVT Transmission. So sweat less on an uphill ride the next time.

Boardman Concept Bike

This cool hubless concept by English Olympic gold medal cyclist Chris Boardman is a futuristic gem full of enough swank and also great for a challenging rider.

Hubless Bike

The hubless Synapse Bike takes it a notch higher and has integrated electric motors installed for the rider’s comfort. This minimal, frills-free bike is a dynamic ride. The clean structure makes you feel like you’re riding on no structure at all.

DuoCycle Trike

A student project by Wim Bussels, the DuoCycle is an upright/recumbent tricycle. The rear wheel is hubless and assists a disabled person ride with a helper controlling the wheel. The cycle can be pedaled by both riders, so it cuts slack on the rider. The trike’s battery is also charged with the pedaling and an integrated computer displays its power output.

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